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"Change the plan, not the goal"



  • 4+ years’ experience in a wide range of private and business immigration matters, in addition to human rights related matters.


  • Master’s degree in Law, Business and Management (MSc)
  • Bachelor of Laws degree (LLB)
  • Legal Practice Course (LPC)


  • Pashto
  • Dari and Farsi

More About Nazila Shirzay

Bringing her expertise in private, business and human rights immigration to Reiss Edwards, Nazila Shirzay joins our team of experienced, multilingual immigration lawyers.

Nazila Shirzay consistently achieves incredible results for many vulnerable individuals of society. In particular, she has a vast amount of success working on various complex ‘outside the rules’ matters.

During her career, she has successfully managed to:

  • Challenge and overturn decisions of a complex nature, including challenging administrative review decisions by way of Pre-action protocol letters.
  • Obtain successful decisions on domestic violence matters where the Applicants have been restricted in providing extensive evidence/ documents.
  • Obtain leave to remain for clients dealing with Asylum and fresh claim matters, including cases that had previously been refused multiple times.
  • Achieve outstanding results for applications that are considered to be ‘outside the immigration rules’.

Nazila has dealt with clients from all walks of life which has therefore given her the opportunity work on an array of different matters as the needs and goals of each client has varied greatly.

Her fluency in Pashto and Dari/Farsi has also been highly useful when assisting some clients who do not speak English fluently as it has allowed them to express themselves without any language barriers.

Nazila Shirzay’s passion for her work and dedication to each case allows her to have the best interest of each client at the heart of what she does. She prepares every case in accordance with the client’s unique circumstances at every stage.

She is a compassionate and dedicated lawyer who likes to ensure that detailed correspondence or a scheduled conversation takes place with the client at the start instructions so that a tailored plan of action can be prepared to ensure the best results. If there are any changes of circumstances along the way, Nazila Shirzay will ensure that the client fully understands the significance and will decide on which steps to take to achieve the goal. Regardless of how simple or complex the matter is, Nazila Shirzay will ensure that her clients are up to date at each step of their case.

At Reiss Edwards, Nazila Shirzay frequently partakes in monthly training and discussion sessions to ensure she is up to date with any changing laws and regulations.

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