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"No case is too big, no case is too small. Or There is no such thing as a little case."



  • Bachelor of Laws degree (LLB)
  • Level 1 OISC Accreditation


  • Albanian
  • Greek (Basic)

More About Ada Seiti

Ada Seiti has been practicing immigration law for 7+ years and received her accreditation as a Level 1 OISC adviser since 2017.

She has dealt with various case loads consisting of all types of applications. However, her strong expertise are in applications include under Appendix FM, UK work visas, Indefinite Leave to Remain, Naturalisation and more.

Some of her most successful cases include:

  • Overturning a 10 year ban to the UK. The Applicant applied for a Spouse Entry Clearance visa but submitted the wrong documents and was refused as well as issued with a 10 year ban to the UK. A fresh application was submitted by myself with a strong accompanying Legal Representation and new supporting documents, the decision for the ban was withdrawn and the application was granted.
  • PBS dependant application complications. In one circumstance the Main Applicant (mother) and dependent children were applying from within the UK and the father decided not to extend his leave, but remained overseas and wished to apply at a later stage, the application was approved based on the advice given.
  • In another circumstance, the main applicants and dependants were all in different countries at the time of extension, the application was approved due to advice given.

Ada Seiti accredits her high client success rate to the relationships she builds with her clients and her thorough approach to all cases.

With all her clients, she will take full instructions, ask questions to understand the circumstances and list the client's objectives. She will analyse the problem and where possible, give more than one solution with pros and cons.

To ensure all options for her clients have been explored, Ada Seiti keeps up with changing immigration laws. She regularly reads up on industry news and sets up email alerts to the government website about upcoming law and policies. This ensures any legal paperwork submitted for her clients are watertight.

Finally, she will clarify to her client further, answering any questions they might have. It is only when they are truly happy and confident with the solution she has offered that she will proceed.

Throughout this process, she strives to communicate transparently and respond to client queries promptly. Her interpersonal skills and empathetic nature means she is able to relate to the clients and their needs.

Ada Seiti believes it this methodical approach to all cases, as well as taking the time to listen to her clients patiently that sets her apart from other immigration solicitors.

She takes great pride and interest in achieving the best outcome for clients. For Ada Seiti, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a client's reaction when they get a positive outcome.

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