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As an employer of labour in the United Kingdom, it is important that you are up to speed with your obligations towards preventing illegal migrants working. The Immigration Act 1996 makes it a criminal offence to have in employment someone who has no right to work in the UK.

Importantly, different visas have different work restrictions. Business organisations must understand these restrictions and act in compliance with those rules. Businesses are also required to check and copy certain original documents of employees (migrant) to serve as defence against conviction for supporting illegal migrants working in the UK.

Employers must understand that immigration compliance is not just about illegal migrant working or simply refusing to recruit persons who do not have rights to work, it involves much more than that. Adequate HR systems must be in place to check that workers who have limited time to work do not work exceed their working hour restrictions; ensuring that an employee who was erstwhile a legal worker is not now illegal; ensuring that part time workers based on work restrictions only work part time, etc.

Immigration Compliance and Audit Service

At Reiss Edwards, we have a team of expert immigration lawyers who specialise in Immigration compliance and audit service. Our compliance lawyers boast of over 30 years of experience combined; dealing with varied degrees of compliance and audit issues.

Our service include:-

  • A free initial consultation and assessment. This may be over the phone and/or in our London based office
  • A face to face meeting with the compliance officers within your organisation
  • A thorough assessment of the existing HR systems, processes and procedures.
  • A mock audit
  • Preparing of an audit report

Immigration Compliance Toolkit

This section provides stakeholders with resources in relation to the administration of their compliance systems. It highlights stakeholders duties and obligations as well as preventive measures to be taken in different simulated scenarios.

This Immigration compliance toolkit furnishes employers with the necessary resources to enable them comply with legal requirements as well as positioning them to minimise liabilities.

The Home Office regime for preventing illegal migrant working relates more specifically to businesses in the United Kingdom managers and incorporates a civil penalty scheme, criminal punishments and restrictions on encouraging non-European migrants to take on jobs in the country

In the event that you do not seek the right permission to recruit skilled labour from abroad; as well as perform recommended documentation checks, you are at risk for fines of up to £20,000 per specialist and, now and again, even detainment.

Employers responsibilities

It is very important that employers keep tabs with the changes in the immigration rules as well as improve the knowledge of internal teams most especially key immigration personnel and the key HR staff. Their knowledge is key to ensuring compliance.

We run several training programs and training packages for our clients, see some of our packages below:-

  • Full Audit Service
  • Training
  • Mock audits

Feel free to take advantage of our free initial telephone assessment today by giving us a call on 020 3744 2797 or drop us an email on

Immigration Compliance Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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