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  • Bachelor of Laws degree (LLB)


  • English

More about Sandeep Singh Reayt

Sandeep Singh Reayt is an Associate in the Prospective Advisory Team. He works with domestic and foreign nationals, covering both private and corporation immigration to develop and maintain rapport, and begin preliminary due diligence on potential immigration matters to ensure their viability.

Some highlights of Sandeep's legal career include:

  • Directly worked on 100 skilled worker and dependant applications for Samsung Electronics. Application were all related to highly skilled specialist workers and were of high importance to the client's business needs, as well as to the Applicants and their dependants who would be relocating to the UK.
  • During the period of mid-2019 to early 2022, Sandeep was involved in over 3000 different immigration matters that Reiss Edwards was instructed for.

Sandeep is experienced in handling Tier 1 Entrepreneur and Investor routes. From this, he progressed into the family immigration team and specialises in individual immigration including those under the Immigration Rules and EU applications.

As the first point of contact for many, it is down to Sandeep to check the feasibility of a potential applicant by using their current immigration status, as well as their future needs to understand what routes are suitable. Once the initial investigatory information has been determined, he can then navigate the potential applicant through suitable immigration routes.

Over the years, Sandeep has developed his own approach to solving problems for clients. Sandeep is aware that the client is not the lawyer, and they have engaged with Reiss Edwards for its expertise and experience.

By allowing an open and smooth dialogue, the client is likely to uncover any uncertainties and allow them to voice any areas of concern or doubts. This prevents further aggravating a client by drowning them in legal jargon or revisiting old points.

Once the client has been able to expressly state their problem. Sandeep can look at what Reiss Edwards can commandeer to steer it correctly. Keeping in mind that a lateral approach is good for investigating as it digging a hole deeper if not always better than digging multiple holes.

If the issue lies with the client or the Home Office, Sandeep will find the solution by drawing from experience with similar matters. Assessing the primary solution against alternative options can demonstrate to the client that Sandeep and by extension, Reiss Edwards are at the forefront of UK immigration. Sandeep refuses to allow issues to linger as it only causes further distress after the client has raised the matter – which can be daunting to do as they have first asked for our help.

Implementation of any solution needs to be in line with the advice Sandeep has provided and therefore timing is key to the execution. Once the proposed solution has been actioned. He will assess the outcomes including the result garnered and even, any possible exposure in the solution which was not initially accounted for.

As the son of immigrant parents, who moved to the UK from Kenya and India to start a business in the UK more than 40 years ago, he had an appreciation of the plight and process required for individuals to take this life-changing step. This was the main factor in making the move into Corporate and Investment Immigration.

For Sandeep, his personal gratification starts by being able to provide an immediate solution for people who need some instant advice. Immigration law is intricately involved in all aspects of life – whether people realise it or not. So, when there is an immigration question that someone needs clarification on, Sandeep is always happy to help.

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