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The team at Reiss Edwards consists of expert teams of some of the best immigration lawyers in London. We boast of top advisers most of whom have qualified as immigration solicitors of England and Wales. Our specialities include business immigration, Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa applications, Tier 1 investor visa application, Tier 2 visa specialists as well as boasting a team of sponsor license lawyers. We also have a dedicated team of immigration lawyers specialising in appeals, judicial reviews and human rights applications.

With our office situated less than a minute away from Chancery Lane station (Exit 4) - in the City of London, we provide a friendly, reliable, honest, affordable and professional immigration service. You can be rest assured that you will be getting the best immigration service in London and indeed the UK.

Feel free to speak with one of our immigration lawyers based in the city of London on 020 3744 2797. Alternatively, you may send us your immigration enquiry using our contact form at the right hand side of this page or send us an email on We offer a free immigration assessment on the initial call and we encourage you to take advantage of this. Using this service, we are able to confirm whether or not you can proceed with your application with regards to its merits. We would normally not accept to take a case we have no prospect of winning whatsoever. We will give an honest opinion on your situation so that you can decide whether you wish to proceed.

UK Immigration Solicitors

Our UK immigration team is made up of top lawyers and solicitors that are highly recommended, highly sort after and are ranked top amongst Solicitors and immigration Lawyers in the UK. We have over 40 years combined experience in immigration, human rights and nationality law.

We boast of one highest success rates among other immigration law firms in London. The reason is simple, we do not just accept a case because the client is willing to throw money at it, we only accept cases that have a good prospect of succeeding. For us, our pride and integrity is more important than financial gains. We also operate on the principles of fairness and transparency especially when it comes to costs.

We are one of the UK's top immigration lawyers and immigration appeal lawyers. We are competent and regulated to advice on a broad range of immigration issues including Appeals and Refusals, Judicial Review referral, Spouse Visas, Student Visas, Work Permit Visas, Indefinite Leave to Remain, EEA Applications, Asylum and Human Rights, British Citizenship, All types of visas, Business Immigration Visas, Entrepreneur Visas and Investor Visas. Our top immigration advisers and lawyers are here to assist.

For settled persons in the UK, or British nationals looking to bring their overseas spouse (partner/husband or wife) or other family members to join them in the UK and gain a residence permit or a permanent residence, our top immigration lawyers have the knowledge, experience and technical know-how to win your application; providing practical advice and representation. Solicitors tailor the best immigration advice for clients on an individual basis.

Our lawyers get involved all the way throughout the process and absorb all the stress from our clients. Business immigration solicitors and specialists assist with your business immigration issues. If you are looking to live and work in the UK, our immigration experts are able to advice you based on your current situation.

We do not shy away from complex business immigration related issues as well. We advise on Investors Visas, Entrepreneur Visas, Sponsor Licences, illegal working compliance, Points Based System, Sponsor Skilled Workers, Global Migration Planning, Temporary Workers, Education Institutions, Transfer Within the European Union, Refusal and Judicial Reviews, Sole Representatives.

Our Immigration Advice and Services

  • Entry Clearance Visa / Leave to Remain Services
  • Super Premium Service
  • Immigration Appeal
  • Immigration Judicial Review
  • Administrative Review
  • Indefinite Leave to Remain
  • Permanent residency
  • 10 Years Settlement Applications
  • Long Residence Application
  • Human Rights Law
  • Article 8 and Article 3 Human Rights Application
  • Human Rights Application
  • EEA - Residence Card Applications
  • EEA - Extended Family Member Visa Applications
  • EEA - Retention of Right of Residence Applications
  • EEA Visa Application - Appeal
  • Fiance / Spouse Visa Application - Appeal
  • Family Visa Application - Appeal
  • Parent Settlement Application
  • Domestic Violence Visa Application
  • Tourist Visit Visas
  • Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Application - Appeal
  • Tier 1 Investor Visa Application - Appeal
  • Tier 2 Work Permit Application
  • Tier 2 Intra Company Transfer Visas - Appeals
  • Tier 2 Sports Person Visas - Appeals
  • Tier 4 Student Visa Application
  • Sole Representative Visa Applications
  • Sponsorship License Applications
  • Domestic Worker Visa Applications
  • Asylum and Human Rights Application
  • Naturalisation
  • British Citizenship
  • British Passport Applications
  • Deportation and Removal Injunctions
  • Immigration Bail Application
  • Temporary Admission / CIO Bail Application
  • Immigration Advice on Complex Immigration Matters

How we offer the best immigration advice and services to our clients

1. We are client-centric

Our immigration lawyers are dedicated to fighting for the best possible outcomes for our clients. Right from the initial call to the consultation and throughout the entire process our goal is to make the client happy. The reason for this is not far-fetched, happy clients means a happy business. As such we are ultimately here to make you happy as we resolve your immigration issues.

2. Specialising in Immigration Law

Law, as a field of study and profession is quite broad. Inefficiency and ineffectiveness is the resultant effect if any law firm tries to cater for clients via all legal frontiers, 'Jack of all trade, master in none' may be the right tag. It is on this premise that we have decided to focus on immigration law. This specialisation has afforded us the opportunity to gain maximum expertise on even complex immigration matters ensuring that we deliver the best immigration service to our clients.

Business Immigration

  • Tier 1 Entrepreneur applications
  • Tier 1 Investor Applications
  • Tier 2 General Applications
  • Sponsorship Licences

We continually assist UK business and employers in their recruitment of overseas workers. From obtaining Certificates of sponsorships, successfully assigning them and then making their Tier 2 visa applications. We are trusted partners of a lot of UK business when it comes to their immigration issues and overseas workers.

We also help our clients conduct immigration audit services, setting up an immigration compliant HR System and conducting training for in-house member of staff. We also assist with Representative of an Overseas Business visa and Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa applications. We have a dedicated team of business immigration expects that advice on Tier 1 investor visa applications. They deal specifically with High Net Worth Clients, who need legal assistance and advice in applying for and then complying with Tier 1 Investor Visa

Successful Business Immigration cases

  • Obtained an A-rated sponsor licence, within a few days of applying for a bank and then successfully applying for intra company transfer visa and tier 2 visas for its staff.
  • Carried out an immigration compliance audit for a leading IT company in London.
  • Obtained a sponsor license for a higher education provider.
  • Provide range of immigration advice to a leading IT company.

Individual Immigration

We also advice in a broad range of individual immigration issues ranging from professional clients, to high net worth clients, to family and EEA immigration to the very basic student visa applications

Our approach is to initially engage with our clients over the telephone, this is usually for free. The free immigration advice initially is to ascertain if there is a case or not. We believe it is an opportunity for clients to asks their immigration questions and get to know their immigration lawyer or solicitor as well as gauge our proficiency and expertise.

Areas that our immigration advocates / representatives advise individual clients on include:

  • Tier 1 - Investor visas (designed for those who can invest at least GBP 2 million in the UK)
  • Tier 1 - Entrepreneur visas
  • Tier 1 - Graduate Entrepreneur and Exceptional Talent visas
  • Tier 2 - Skilled employment related visas
  • British citizenship
  • Indefinite leave to remain/settlement
  • Family and dependant related visa applications for children, spouses, civil partners, fiance and unmarried partners
  • Creative and sportsperson visas
  • EEA family permits and residence cards
  • sole representative visas
  • UK ancestry visas
  • Immigration appeals and cases in the High Court, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court and Immigration and Asylum Tribunal
  • Visitor visas
  • Overseas entry clearance
  • Visa extension applications
  • Fast tracking/UKVI premium appointments

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UK Immigration Frequently asked Questions

You will need to apply for a spouse visa if are a Non-EU national who is married to a British national or an indefinite leave to remain holder. If however you are looking to come into the UK to get married to your British partner or someone with settled in the UK, you may be eligible to apply for fiance visa. Contact one of our advisers if you are not sure

The requirements of a spouse visa include:

  • Both partners must be over the age of 18.
  • They must be legally married. Traditional marriages or other forms of marriages that are not legally binding in the country in which it happened may not suffice.
  • There must be a demonstrable evidence to live together permanently in the UK.
  • You, the UK sponsor must be earning at least £18,600 per year or have enough savings. Please note that with child dependants, the financial requirements increases. Please contact our immigration advisers if you are not sure how much savings you should have.
  • You must have a suitable accommodation for yourself, your partner and dependants if any.
  • You must satisfy the English language requirements.

With regards to fiance visa applications, it is normally granted for a 6 months period. You are expected to get married within 6 months and switch to a spouse visa.

Q: One of my clients paid the Immigration Health Surcharge of £1000. Her application was refused and we have since appealed. She had an NHS treatment and she has been billed for it. Does she have to pay after paying the Health Surcharge? Her treatment was only for abdominal problems.

A: If she has paid the NHS surcharge, this may arguable cover her as she has acted in good faith. This is a question that I suggest we investigate further to make sure as traditionally, if you do not succeed with an appeal, the IHS surcharge is refunded. You could present such evidence to the NHS so that they can investigate the matter further and then advise whether there are any forthcoming bills to cover.

We deal with immigration applications and this type of enquiry is not within our traditional remit. If you want to engage us to negotiation and discuss this issue with all parties involved, we can take further instructions and advise you on what you will need to do.

If you have had your application rejected, you may be able to appeal the decision. We have successfully handled a number of appeals. We are able to access your situation to determine all possible grounds of appeal.

There are various types of appeal with which we can help:
  • Appeals against settlement visa refusals;
  • Appeals against non-settlement visa refusals;
  • Appeals against Points-Based System visa refusals;
  • Appeals against dependent Points-Based System refusals;
  • Applications for permission to appeal (to both the First-tier and Upper Tier Tribunal);
  • Bail applications and appeals;
  • Requests for a review of your case with the Home Office.

Our UK immigration lawyers are able to read the decisions and possibly spot errors made by in the decision.

In order to sponsor your husband you join you, the requirements in Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules sets out what the requirements that need to be satisfied and they can be summarised as follows:-

  • Suitability : this is in essence the good character' requirements. However, it is not only tied to criminal convictions, but also looks at any previous non-compliance in applications, outstanding bills with the NHS and any reason which may be deemed as reasons that are not conducive to the public good'. There is no need to provide specific evidence to prove this requirement other than to answer the questions on the relevant online application form.
  • Relationship : this looks at whether or not your marriage is valid in the country in which it took place in, whether or not the marriage is genuine and subsisting and whether or not there is an intention to live permanently together in the UK. Again, there are no specific' documents that must be provided but to establish this requirement it is advisable that you provide the following types of documents-
    • Marriage certificate and evidence of previous divorces (if applicable).
    • Evidence of any visits to see meet each other.
    • Evidence of contact whilst you and your husband are in separate countries.
    • A good selection of photographs during the course of your relationship.
    • Any other documents you would like the Entry Clearance Officer to consider.
  • Financial : unless you are in receipt of specific benefits, you will need to show an income of £18,600 (assuming only your husband will be joining you in the UK). What documents you will need to submit in support of this application will depend on whether you are in employment, self-employment or whether you rely on savings (in part or in full). There are also specific documents that must be submitted depending on the route you rely on. You will also need to provide evidence of accommodation-
    • If you own your property, than the relevant entry Land Registry Deed with a Property Inspection Report to confirm that your husband's residence in the property will not create over-crowding conditions.
    • If you rent your property, you will need to submit your tenancy agreement and a letter from your landlord to confirm your husband can live in the property.
  • Depending on where your husband currently resides, he may also need to submit a Tuberculosis certificate.
Please remember that any document that is not in English must be translated if you want the Entry Clearance Officer to consider it.

UK Immigration
Appealing a refusal comes in various forms. Some cases attract a full statutory right of appeal and others attract only the right to an administrative review. I will need to have sight of the reasons for refusal letter to offer you the options that you have in appealing your immigration refusal.

Following an assessment of the merits, I can then give you options of either appealing or re-applying. There had previously been the option to re-apply within 28 days of a refusal if section 3c of the immigration rules had extended your old leave. This has now been amended and is reduced to 14 days only if there is good reason to re-apply.

One of our qualified immigration consultants are able to guide you on what you need to do with you immigration application moving forward. We can offer a free telephone assessment or an in person appointment. Most of our lawyers are trained as immigration solicitors and as a result, you will receive the highest standard advice available.

Long residence
Extending a visa depends on what type of visa you hold. Below I have included a list of some of the visas that we can help you extend. If you fit into one of these categories, you can reply with your availability so we can arrange a consultation or we can speak on the phone:

Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa extension : this is a form of business visa where you will need a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa lawyer to help meet the pbs rules;

Tier 1 Investor visa extension : Visa for high net worth people;

Tier 2 General extension : related to a work permit to allow you to work. This is only if you already have been issued a Tier 2 General visa and your sponsor has a licence to employ you known as a sponsorship licence;

Tier 2 intra company transfer visa extension;

Tier 4 General visa extension : a form of student visa; Sole representative of an overseas business visa extension - a form of business visa

Spouse visa extension : family related visa Unmarried partner visa extension Same sex partner visa extension Civil partnership visa extension

There are many others however, the above are a good starting point and I welcome a call to take further instructions. UK Visa
If your partner has returned to the European Union, or indeed has left the UK, your current leave is no longer valid. I have to immediate advise you to stop working as you are in breach of the immigration rules. Should the Home Office visit your work, they will likely detain you and your employer will face a fine.

Regarding your options, you may be able to submit an application outside of the rules. This type of application is under FLRFP and it particularly challenging. You traditionally have to show that there are insurmountable obstacles in your return to your home country. You having worked hard and completed your studies will not meet this standard. Are you now in a relationship with anybody or do you remain single? Do you have any children or anybody that you are in full time care of? Whilst these factors may help, they certainly are not a guarantee to you being issued leave to remain. I suggest you meet with an immigration lawyer to hear your options. We will provide an honest assessment so that you can make a formal decision on what you should do. EEA Family permit
We can help with an FLRFP application but we like to assess merits in this before we accept the application. If you have an arguable case, we will quote a fee for our service.
What is the basis of your application? Do you hold a visa in the UK currently? If so, what is that visa and how long have you held it for? Do you have any dependants in the UK and are you of good character. These factors are all crucial in understand whether you can ask the Home Office to issue you with leave outside of the rules. Flr FP
As you are married to a Polish national who is working here in the UK, you can make an application under the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2006 (EEA Regulations'). If you wish to enter the UK, you will need to apply for an EEA Family Permit. This is a free of charge application made to the Home Office which, if granted, will give you a six month visa which you can enter the UK on. You will need to provide original evidence that you are married and that your wife is working. Once you enter the UK, you can then apply for a five year EEA Residence Card.

Please note that Brexit due at the end of March 2019, this position is subject to change.
The 10 year long residence rules require that you have not had a break in your legal residence. There had previously been a rule suggesting that any period of 28 days or less would not break continuous residence. This has now changed to 14 days under the statement of changes. As a result of this, we have a problem, whether under the old rules or new rules, about your continued residence. You have a prolonged period without a visa and so the 10 year period begins again.
I am likely to suggest that you will not succeed with your application for ILR long residence. However, we can speak about this at length in case we have missed any important facts. I can give a free assessment or one of the immigration lawyers in London can guide you on what, if anything, you can do. Turkish Business person visa
Have you submitted your application online or simply sent the spouse visa documents to your husband for consideration? If a spouse entry clearance application is pending, we can withdraw the application so that it is not considered unless it is no longer accessible. If it is not, we will need to speak with the decision making post, in writing, to inform them that you are no longer sponsoring your partner as you are resolving some personal issues.

We need to be careful that we do not damage your credibility as you say in your email that you are having some problems. Does this mean they are irretrievable problems or that they are being worked on? If so, I suggest that your husband should withdraw the application and that little mention of the reason of this withdrawal should be offered. You can then make a re-application once you have addressed your differences.

If you want to speak to a regulated lawyer at Reiss Edwards, you can find our immigration consultants telephone number on our website. UK Settlement
From the facts, I understand family reunification to mean a family permit based on the European Regulations. Are you working in the UK, which is known as exercising treaty rights? If so, we can apply for him to join you if we can prove that you are in a genuine relationship as well as working.

EEA family permits are valid for 6 months and allow entry. After this, an application for a 5 year residence card will need to be made. At the end of 5 years, he may be able to apply for a permanent Residence card.

We charge a fixed fee to help. If you want to speak to a lawyer, call us for an assessment. Family reunion in UK
Visit visas are difficult to render a positive result. The appeal right has been limited and the burden has, in my opinion, become much higher. You are eligible to make a re-application, but it is likely that you will be issued with another refusal if the facts remain the same. That said, I should take a look at the reasons for refusal letter also known as a refusal letter. This may show that the decision has been made incorrectly. If that is the case, a reapplication with evidence correct this mistake may be an option. You can email your refusal documents for us to consider. Family immigration UK
When an individual wishes to enter the UK to visit, the maximum period they can stay is for six months. For those granted multi-entry visitor visas for a period longer than six months, the Home Office state in their guidance that for they do not operate a six in twelve month rule. What they do state is that they do not want people to make the UK their home through frequent visits. Therefore in practice, they do follow such a rule.

When calculating how long one can stay in the UK as a visitor, we recommend you use the last twelve months up to the present as the calculation period. It is therefore important your mother does not exceed a period of over six months in the last twelve month period. If an Immigration Officer at the border believes that she is exceeding her time as a visitor and is not a genuine visitor, they can revoke her visitor visa. UK visa
When did you have indefinite leave to remain? When it was issued, how long did you stay in the UK for? Have you left the UK for more than 2 years in a row? If so, you may your ILR will have been, in law, revoked. If not, you may be able to return without having to do too much. We will need to speak on the phone about your immigration matter to start with. Free immigration advice
Our lawyers are predominantly trained solicitors and so can help with your need for a second opinion. What type of immigration application do you have? Do you want to speak on the phone or in person? We suggest that you pre prepare any questions that you have so we can consider them before your arrival so you can get the best out of an assessment from one of our immigration lawyers in London. Free immigration Consultation
Your partner, meaning your girlfriend, will need to be exercising her treaty rights to make an application. This would mean that she must be doing one of the following: - Working as an employee or self-employed; - Self-sufficient with private medical insurance; - Student with private medical insurance; - Job seeker We can talk through what each of the four bullet points means in more detail over the phone. Ankara arrangement
Thank you for your enquiry. Where an individual wishes to make an application for Leave To Remain (LTR') on the basis of their relationship with a British partner and/or child, it will be made under Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules. The Home Office define a partner as the spouse, fiancé or unmarried partner you have been living in a relationship akin to marriage of two years or more.

In order to regularise your immigration status, an application form and supporting evidence will need to be submitted to the Home Office detailing your circumstances and why you wish to remain in the UK. As you are without legal status in the UK, the Home Office will consider whether it is possible for you to continue your family life abroad.

In your circumstances, you have two options. The first is to make an application for Leave To Remain in country. The second is to return to your country and make an application for permission to enter the UK (known as entry clearance). In your circumstances, we strongly recommend that you seek advice from us so that we can advise you of the best option. Illegal but with family in the UK
Thank you for your enquiry. You have two options that you may be able to explore but very much depend on your circumstances. The first option we can explore is an application for confirmation of your Permanent Residence under the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2006 (EEA Regulations'). You will need to show that you were living in the UK with your parents (the EEA nationals) for a continuous period of five years. Evidence will need to be provided that your parents were exercising treaty rights (employed, self-employed, self-sufficient or a student) throughout the five year period. Permanent Residence is automatic for family members of EEA nationals, therefore you may already hold this status. This would be the option we would strongly recommend.

The second option is to make an application on the basis your partner is a British national under Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules. There are a number of requirements that need to be satisfied, including a financial requirement (a minimum of £18,600 per annum) and evidence you are in a genuine and subsisting relationship.

We strongly recommend you contact us so that we can advise you of your options and prospects of success. UK Visa
Thank you for your enquiry. We will be happy to provide advice to you regarding your immigration matter. Please contact us at the office so that we can speak about your matter and how we can help. Visa overstay
Thank you for your enquiry. We are sorry to hear of the problems you have encountered. When a visa is refused, you normally have two options. The first is to appeal the decision to a First Tier Tribunal whilst the second option is to make a new application.

In the event that the Entry Clearance Officer (who makes decisions on behalf of the Home Office on applications made from outside the UK) has made a serious omission or error when considering your application, there is an opportunity to complain about the handling of the application. This option, however, is only advisable if all relevant documents were provided.

We recommend you contact us so we can advise you accordingly.
What visa do i need

In order to qualify for Further Leave to Remain as the spouse of a British national, you will need to meet the relevant criteria found in Appendix FM. See the requirements below for your ease of reference:

Suitability : you will need to show that there are no issues as to your character such as criminal convictions (whether pending or previous), immigration breaches or otherwise which suggest that you are of bad character and therefore should not be permitted to remain in the UK.

Relationship : you would need to show that your relationship continues to be genuine and subsisting and that you and your husband continue to intend to live together permanently. The predominant method in order to establish this is to provide evidence that you and your husband have lived together for the duration of the grant of the initial 2.5 years spouse visa.

Financial : you would need to show that through income and/or savings that you can meet the relevant financial threshold. Assuming you have do not have any non-British children, the relevant threshold is £18,600 gross (before tax). We would be happy to arrange a time to talk in order to take further instructions from you in order to ascertain whether your income meets this requirement as this requirement is very case specific and can be difficult to provide general advice on.

Accommodation : you would need to establish that you have adequate accommodation to reside in moving forwards. This can be through renting, owning your own property or living with family/friends. Subject to your housing arrangements, a property inspection report may also be required in order to demonstrate that the living conditions do not amount to over-crowding.

English Language : unless you are exempted (which will be primarily based on your nationality or having a degree or higher taught in English) you will need to sit and pass the A2 Life Skills examination from an approved English Language provider.

We would be happy to arrange a consultation in order for us to take further instructions from you and to advise you further on how we can assist and present an application for further leave to remain on your behalf.

Visa renewals

Subject to your nationality, it may be the case that you can apply within Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules for a spouse visa (on the basis that you are British) or for an EEA Family Permit and/or an EEA Residence Card if you are an European national. The Immigration Rules also slightly differ if you are a Points Based System migrant (for example Tier 1, 2 or 4).

We would invite you to contact us in order for us to take further instructions from you so that we can advise you further as well as advise you on the process, timeframes and costs.

Visa help

It is extremely unlikely that you would be eligible for a grant of leave to remain in the UK under the same category as your wife as you are not the parent' (albeit we appreciate that you are the day-to-day parent) of a British national child. However, it may be the case that you could be eligible for a grant of leave to remain for a reason outside of the Immigration Rules on a wider human rights basis - in this case on the basis of your private and family life in the UK as protected by Article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights.

They essence of any application submitted is that the child's best interests dictates that you should be remain a part of her upbringing. It is therefore fundamental that you provide evidence that you play an active and central role in the child's upbringing so that it would be ultimately unfair on the child for you to be removed from the UK and therefore be removed from her upbringing. Such documentation could include a statement from the mother of the child, correspondence from the child's school and other institutions which can comment on the role you play for the child.

However, the application will be discretionary as it is being made outside of the Immigration Rules. In light of the fact that the merits of the case are not fanciful, it should be the case that you will be granted an in-country right of appeal against any decision from the Home Office to refuse your application. In this case, you have the right to appeal before the First-Tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) in order for a Judge to hear the circumstances of your case and decide whether or not the child's best interest are sufficient to justify a grant of leave to remain despite not falling into a category within the Immigration Rules.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss this further with us.

Marriage to a British national Visa help

Whether or not we can assist you in this issue will depend on the reasons why he was detained and his current circumstances. Please contact us urgently so that we can take further instructions from you and so we can advise you further.

Immigration detention

You do need to notify the Home Office simply because your husband is no longer working or that your situation has changed unless they are material and affect your right to remain in the UK.

Given the complexities of your enquiry, we would invite you to contact us in order for us to take further instructions from you and to advise you further.

Family of a British person visa application

In light of the fact that your wife's EEA Residence Card is due to expire, we can potentially assist her in an application for Permanent Residence in the UK as the family member of an EEA national.

We will need to establish firstly that you have been a qualified person for 5 consecutive years. This means that you have been a-

  1. Worker/employment
  2. Jobseeker (as a rule of thumb for no more than 6 months)
  3. Self-employed person
  4. Student (with comprehensive sickness insurance for both you and your wife)
  5. Self-sufficient (with comprehensive sickness insurance for both you and your wife)

You can rely on a combination of these activities as oppose to simply relying on one category.

We will also need to establish that your marriage is a genuine one and not one of convenience.

Finally, the Home Office will consider your character as well as whether or not either you or your wife have been absent from the UK for more than 6 months in each 12 months for the last 5 years.

We would invite you to call us so that we can take further instructions from you in order for us to advise you further on the application, process, timeframes and costs involved.

UK Visa

In order for you to be issued with an EEA Family Permit (as you rightfully pointed out which will be valid for 6 months) you will firstly need to show that you are married to a qualified EEA national. This means that your husband will be in one of the following category-

  1. Worker/employment
  2. Jobseeker (as a rule of thumb for no more than 6 months)
  3. Self-employed person
  4. Student (with comprehensive sickness insurance for both you and your family)
  5. Self-sufficient (with comprehensive sickness insurance for both you and your family)

You will also need to demonstrate that your marriage is not one of convenience. Evidence of your cohabitation and relationship will be very useful to evidence this point.

In relation to your children, the EEA Regulations stipulates that children under the age of 21 will be presumed to be dependant on their parents (unless circumstances prove otherwise). This means that your eldest two children will need to establish that they are dependant on both you and/or your husband. We will need to take further instructions from you in order to advise you on the merits of those children applying for EEA Family Permits with you. We therefore invite you to contact us in order for us to be able to advise you further.

UK Visa
From the information that you have provided, you may be able to apply under the 10 year rules. This allows people that have had a combinations of visas to apply for indefinite leave to remain after being the UK for 10 years. We will need to check that your absences from the UK are not over 18 months in the 10 year qualifying period and that you have no gaps between the visas issued. Gaps of 28 days or less may be OK, but I suggest you call on of our immigration lawyers to discuss this further.
From your enquiry, I cannot see your specific question and so I will assume that you want to make an application for a Permanent Residence card. You may be eligible to apply for the right to stay permanently if your Italian partner has exercised his treaty rights for 5 years, whilst you have been married. Exercising treaty rights is referred to as working, studying with private medical insurance or being self-sufficient with private medical insurance. The best way for us to ultimately confirm that you are eligible is to speak to one of our EEA lawyers. We offer an initial free immigration advice over the phone or in person to make sure that you can apply.
I am not sure whether you boyfriend is currently living in the UK from your enquiry. That said, getting married in the UK whilst on a tourist visa is not an option traditionally. Moreover, if your boyfriend does not have permanent residence, you will not be able to apply for a fiancé visa to get married in the UK and so will need to get married overseas before apply to enter the UK on the basis of your relationship.
You will first need to apply for a family permit, once you are married and then for a residence card once you have arrived. You boyfriend has a job offer and so will be regarded as exercising his treaty rights. This will allow him to sponsor you as his family member once you are married.
You may also qualify as an extended family member as you have been in a relationship for some time. If you have lived together for 2 years, this may be enough for you to make an application without leaving the UK. We need to speak with you to take further instructions. One of our immigration lawyers will give you a detailed free assessment. Ultimately, there will be a route for you to enter the UK if your boyfriend is working and you intend to get married. It is now a case of us discussing where you can get married and indeed whether you need to do so before you can make your visa application.
Immigration Solicitors
If your husband has a visa that was issued for more than 6 months, you can make an application for a spouse visa from inside the UK. You will need to earn at least £18,600 for a 6 month term. This can be longer if you are self-employed or the Director of a limited company.
The Home Office will consider your income, accommodation, and whether they regarding your relationship as genuine and subsisting. Can I ask how long you have been married for and whether you have any children?
Our fee is dependent on the facts and from your enquiry I only have limited information. If you call one of our lawyers, most of whom are qualified immigration solicitors, we can narrow down the fee for you which will be fixed at the beginning of our service.

In the UK, we do not have visas that are defined in the way you describe. If you want to speak to one of our business immigration lawyers, we can detail what he may qualify for. I can say that in summary, business visas are usually under the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa scheme or the sole representative of an overseas business scheme. Our firm are specialist in cooperate immigration law and so we are well versed in what options your friend will have.
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Your brother may qualify for a child dependant visa if we can show that you have sole responsibility for his care. Where are his parents and who is caring for him in Ghana. If he has family providing him support in Ghana, this may not be a straight forward application.
We have a team of family immigration lawyers in London. We need to take more information, which we usually do over the phone before we invite you into our offices for a consultation.
British citizenship
We can meet with you on 2nd September. Our offices are in Central London in Holborn. We usually suggest that you speak to an immigration specialist on the phone before you have an appointment. This is a free assessment before you then have a paid consultation, if you feel you need to take an appointment thereafter. We usually charge £100 plus Vat for an initial meeting however, the first 20 minutes on the phone is without cost. UK Visa lawyers
Did you and your partner live in the UK for at least 1 year and stay married for 3 years? Are you divorced yet or intending to get divorced? Where is she currently living and has she been working? These question are all important for me to answer your enquiry.
It may be that you qualify to retain your rights of residence in the UK. If so, you will be able to apply either for a permanent residence card or another residence card but this time in your own right. I suggest that we speak about the requirements for a retained rights application when you have the time. Would you like to call our offices or meet with an immigration lawyer?
Brexit, Permanent Residence lawyers, marriage visa Lawyers.
If your ICT visa is going to expire before you get married, you may need to extend it. However, if you have lived with your partner for 2 years, you may be able to make an application as the partner of a British national before you get married.
Does your husband earn over £18,600? If you have a Tier 2 ICT, you may already have passed an English test, but we will need to speak about whether you have passed the right test to apply for this visa.
We need to also discuss accommodation and the general requirements. It is clear that you have options however, we need to put together a time line and game plan so that we do not incur cost unnecessarily.
Tier 2 ICT
Reiss Edwards do not offer legal aid. If you want a private immigration lawyer we can help. If you want the help of a legal aid firm, I suggest that you contact a firm that have the authority to offer free legal help.
Deportation cases are complicated and may result in the offender being removed whilst an appeal is underway. This is known as certification and does not preclude the offender from appealing. That said, it does make the appeal more difficult as he may have a better chance if giving live evidence in court. Do you have the secretary of States refusal letter confirming the grounds for refusal and whether the appeal has been certified? What is the reason for his detention initially? If you decide that you would like to instruct a lawyer privately, you are welcome to call us. We are also happy to give some free guidance as I can see time is sensitive.
Free immigration advice
How old is your son? Did he have a spouse dependant visa with you or was he herein his own right? Has he been charged with a criminal offence or has his visa expired? If he has not got a visa, we will need to assess his age and whether he may be eligible to apply for a visa in his own right. If he is a minor, there may be alternative grounds to consider.
When I am made aware of the facts, I can go through exactly what options he will have. There may be an option for an in country application or he may have to leave the UK to apply. The type of category may include a child dependant visa, a spouse dependant visa or others.
Immigration Detention, Solicitor
What visa do you hold currently? Are you on a spouse visa? When was your spouse visa issued and have you applied for a spouse extension previously? You need to hold a family visa like this for 5 years under the current rules. Only then can you apply for indefinite leave to remain.
If you meet the residence requirements and your income is suitable, we can apply either by post or using the same day service for permanent stay known also as indefinite leave to remain. There are many services if you are a qualified person, a postal service or premium appointment with the Home Office.
Visa Extension
Is your husband on a Tier 2 General visa or Tier 2 ICT visa? If he has a Tier 2 General visa, he may be able to apply for an extension of this status if he can find another sponsor. First, the employer will need to advertise the job to the UK labour market and then he may be able to switch sponsors and have another Tier 2 General. If he has a Tier 2 ICT, he will not be able to switch as easily.
With this category, he will need to be mindful of the cooling off period, which prevents him from staying beyond the 6 year term. If he has had an ICT visa, this usually does not count towards indefinite leave to remain and so it will be important for us to speak so I can tell him if he needs to start the 5 year residence again or whether the time spent in the UK so far will count towards permanent stay.
UK Work Permit
In order to offer a fixed fee I need to know on what basis you are a qualified person. We quote a fee based on the time we expect to spend on a case. As each case differs, it would not be fair to charge all clients the same fee.
We offer competitive fees from a central London firm. The questions I will need for you to answer include:
  • What nationality are you?
  • You say you are a qualified person. Can you explain what you have been doing for the past 5 years so I can confirm if you are eligible for the right of permanent residence?
I suggest you call and speak to one of our immigration lawyers in London so we can confirm what options you have. We will also confirm our fee after this so you can prepare in advance of our cost.
Permanent residence
Before you can naturalise, you need to apply for a permanent residence card. You need to exercise treaty rights for 5 years before you can apply for a permanent residence card. The reason for the need to apply for permanent stay fist is because the Home Office have introduced this required in order to apply to naturalise. However, in law, Permanent Residence is automatic and so you may already hold this right.
With you having been in the UK every weekend, the Home Office may see this as enough for you to have been exercising your treaty rights, despite you being in Poland. This will dependant on whether you had been transferred together with other important details.
When I take further instructions, I can confirm when you have held PR from and when you can apply for naturalisation and thereafter a British passport.
UK Naturalisation UK Permanent residence
We charge GBP 100 plus VAT (where applicable) per consultations. This fee is deducted from any future charges if you instruct us. More importantly, we offer a free assessment over the phone. So rather than you paying before coming to see us and be told there are no merits for success in your case, we have been gracious enough to give free assessment over the phone to guage whether you are eligble or not.
Yes we give free immigration advice over the phone on the initial call. The free immigration advice is limited to 10 minutes depending on the availability of advisers. The initial call is usualy to access the eligibility of the caller. We would need to invite you over for a consultation for a more detailed immigration advice.
If you are invited by one of our immigration lawyers for a free consultation, the consultation would normally last for about 20 minutes. However a paid consultation will last for about an hour.
During the consultation, the immigration specilist will listen to your case and needs carefully and then provide you with a strategy and details on what needs to be done;
You will be meeting with a specialist London immigration lawyer or trained solicitor. The adviser that will be assigned to you will be someone who is not only regulated to give immigration advice but also one who has a great deal of experience in dealing with similar cases that you have (as documented in your initial call)
As a leading UK immigration law firm in London, a large number of our clients are based overseas and we never have to meet with them. So yes, you can feel comfortable to instruct us knowing that we deliver the same level of success remotely.
Every time spent lawfully and continiously in the UK counts towards long residence. Section 3C and 3D of the Immigration rules falls under lawful residence, therefore they would count towards the long year residence period.

Importantly, if a person reaches the 10 years having continually and legally resided in the UK while they have an outstanding application or appeal they can vary such application or appeal for Indefinite leave to remain (ILR) on the basis of 10 years long residence.
For in country applications, you will need an FLR (M) application form. For out-of country applications, you will need to apply online. Click here for details.
If your visa application is refused or rejected, your next line of action will largely depend on the reason for the visa refusal. However, for PBS applications, you be able to apply for an administrative review and for other applications especially family related visa applications, you will be given a right of appeal. If you are looking to go ahead with an administrative review, you need to make sure that you have fresh evidence that you submitting to the Home Office; and if you are looking to appeal, you can only do so on Human rights grounds.
For in-country same day (premium serice) visa applications, it would normally be decided by the Home Office' Public Enquiry Office (PEO) within 24 hours.

Also, processing times for in-country UK spouse visa applications submitted by post is decided in line with the Home Office processing times.

Lastly, for UK spouse visa application made outside the country; they would first and foremost have to submitted to the British Embassy / High Commission in the applicants country of origin and/or the country the applicants has legally resided for the last 12 months prior to the application. The processing times for applications in this category is also decided by the Home Office in line with thier Visa Processing Times.

As leading spouse visa lawyers in london, we advice on a wide range of spouse visa applications. Feel Free to contact us for a free initial assessment.
If you have excercised your right to appeal and have successfully lodged your appeal in time, you should be able to stay in the country up until a decision is made. However, whether or not you have a right to work while the appeal is going on is a different question. Your rights to work will depend on your particular circumstance, especially circumstances prior to appealing. We will need more information on your immigration matter in order to give a proper answer.
Our immigration lawyers have answered this question in a private email.

"In order for your spouse to apply for the fiancé visa. The following requirements must be satisfied:

  • Evidence of Genuine and Subsisting relationship - You are required to provide evidence of your relationship. Personal statements and Photographs are examples of what you can provide.
  • Evidence that the marriage will take place - You will have to evidence that you have contacted the Civil Registrar to notify them that you and your fiancé will be attending an appointment to give notice to marriage.
  • Financial Requirement - As the sponsor, you will need to evidence that your income is at least £18600. We will need to obtain more information from you to ascertain how you would satisfy this requirement. "

We always charge a fixed-fee and our fee is based on our assessment of our clients individual circumstances.

We are sorry to hear that the company's application for the sponsorship licence has been refused. Considering that the application was refused on the basis that the Home Office was not satisfied that the company can offer genuine employment, a "cooling-off" period would have been applied. This means that the company may only submit a fresh application only after 6 months from the date of the decision. Your best option is to stay with your current sponsor or secure another employment with another company with a sponsor licence.

Certainly. We assist on all aspects of Immigration and in order for us to do so, we will need to obtain more information from you. Please provide your contact details for us to be able to contact you, alternatively, you may call us on our office number which can be found on our website.

Your eligibility for British Citizenship is dependent on your "deemed date of acquiring Permanent Residency". If you have been in the UK for a continuous period of 8 years, you may rely on any 5 continuous years provided that during this relevant period, you are able to evidence that you are "exercising Treaty rights". This would mean that you must either be in employment, self-employment or as a student or self-sufficient. If you rely on a 5 year period for example 2012-2017 and your deemed date of acquiring Permanent Residency is 2017, this means that it has now been more than 12 months since that date and you may submit an application for Naturalisation without having to wait for a further 12 months.

There is no right of appeal against the refusal of a visit visa. You may challenge the decision by way of Judicial Review. We may assist you on this but we would need to see the Notice of Decision and information on the documents you provided in support of her application.

We will need to know first on what basis you are applying for further leave to remain. Please provide your contact details for us to be able to contact you, alternatively, you may call us on our office number which can be found on our website.

Enquiry has been dealt with in private by one of our specialist solicitors
Enquiry has been dealt with in private by one of our specialist solicitors
Enquiry has been dealt with in private by one of our specialist solicitors
Yes your baby will need to have a Russian passport before he can apply for a UK Visa. Once the passport has been obtained we will happy to assist you with applying for this visa.
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