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  • Bachelor of Laws degree (LLB)
  • Legal Practice Course


  • Tagalog

More About Kristine Lauriaga

Coming from a migrant background, Kristine Lauriaga knows how intimidating it can be to approach an Immigration Solicitor for help and how worrying and stressful immigration applications can be for all the people involved. With a ready smile and words of reassurance, Kristine is a real asset to the team on a wide range of immigration matters.

Kristine Lauriaga considers her strengths are in family visas, settlement, naturalisation and sponsor licence applications. She has submitted an array of these applications at different complexities and received positive results.

Some examples include:

  • Discretionary naturalisation applications due to excessive absences from the UK due to the nature of their job.
  • Overturning a Set DV refusal at appeal for a male client which was allowed and he was granted ILR.
  • Discretionary in-country spouse visas due to exceptional circumstances.

The reason behind Kristine Lauriaga’s successful case rate is her ability to connect and understand client needs while keeping up with the changing immigration laws.

She attends regular webinars on new updates and practical experience from senior Barristers and Solicitors which has proven to be invaluable. She also read up on industry news as the blueprint of immigration laws are constantly changing and evolving especially given worldwide events in recent years.

Kristine Lauriaga’s approach is always to take the client’s instructions first before advising them on their options and the risks attached to those options. In her experience this helps to manage their expectations and come up with the best plan of action for the client.

She builds a trusting relationship with her clients by being open and honest with them about their case. She is patient when listening to their worries, concerns and ensure that they know she is acting in their best interest. For Kristine Lauriaga, no question is considered too big or small when it comes to her client's case. This lets her clients know she is by their side throughout the whole process and she will get the best possible outcome for their case.

Her fluency in Tagalog has been highly useful when assisting her clients from the Philippines who have been able to understand her legal advice fully and express themselves freely.

Her meticulous nature and attention to detail sets her apart from other solicitors which is crucial in this line of work as visa applications are often document heavy applications. It is important to provide the Home Office with all the required supporting documents to ensure the best possible outcome and she is always willing to go the extra mile for her clients.

As a solicitor, Kristine Lauriaga loves the thrill of receiving a positive Home Office decision and sharing the good news straight away. For her, a positive decision for her clients always makes the hard work worthwhile.

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