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What are the requirements of a Fiancé Visa if my fiancé is out of the country

Hi my name is [Data withheld], I will be getting married in December and inquiring about a fiancé visa application. My fiancé is of Pakistani national, and wondering what is required to make the application and fees.

Our Response:

Firstly a Fiancé visa is a visa that enables you to register your marriage with the person who is settled in the UK. The person who is settled in the UK should be one who has no immigration regulator in which he/she has to follow that may impede the spouse coming over for the purpose of marriage. With bringing your Pakistani fiancé, you must meet the following criteria;

  • Both parties must be able to prove their intention to live together and get married and show a genuine relationship.
  • They would also have to show their intent of getting married within the first 6 months upon receiving the visa.
  • The person in the UK must be able to meet the maintenance requirement.
  • The partner in the UK must be settled in a sense that he/she would not be subjected to any immigration restrictions.
  • No legal restrictions should exist for both parties/partners to get married. This means no legal injunction past or present in sense of past marriages that has not been settled by an absolute decree that would be able to render the marriage illegal

It's good to note that the UK has some Immigration rule already in place concerning fiancé visa or proposed civil partner of a British citizen who is settle in the UK and would like to bring in a spouse or remain as a family member.

The immigration rules for the UK fiancé visa, has a number of requirements that the sponsor would need to follow in which they would have to be very involved in the application.

Note: with this requirement the sponsor (settled person) in the UK would have a few requirements for the fiancé visa to prove namely;

Financial Requirement- In which would the sponsors will need to be earning a minimum of GBP 18,600 for a continuous period of 6 months just before submitting the application.

Adequate Accommodation- The sponsor would also need to show that there is adequate accommodation available for them when they arrive the United Kingdom.

Genuine Relationship- The sponsor (settled person) in the UK would need to demonstrate to the UKBA that they are in a genuine and durable relationship.

English Language requirements- Applicants will need to show that they can speak and understand the English Language as a requirement for coming to the UK on a fiancé visa.

For the fees we would tell you that after we get all the facts about your situation and assess your case.

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