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Tier 1 (Investor) Extension £1m

Our client had a Tier 1 Investor Visa, which expires in a month. She had travel plans in 6 months' time.

The investment was with a UK company and the purchase of property.

How we helped

We helped the client prepare the evidence for the property purchase and also request the portfolio of investment for the bonds. The only complication was in the travel, which she had booked before consulting us.

We helped the client put together all the necessary documents and also helped with the application. The application came up in time for the client to travel.

Tier 1 investor visa applications are quite straight forward to be honest. As long the money is invested in the country, the applications are usually straightforward. The only tricky bit is normally demonstrating investment, which our business immigration lawyers can assist with ensuring that the Home Office are happy with the investment.

Reiss Edwards pride herself on having some of the best business immigration lawyer in the country. Our supervisory business lawyers have worked with top immigration solicitor firms and have up to 40 years combined experience. We offer a free consultation; give us a call to book an assessment either over the phone or in our London office - 020 3744 2797 r a student.



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