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At Reiss Edwards, we pride ourselves in providing top quality immigration advisory service. This is evidenced from the high success rate and reviews from our clients online. We have all 5 stars reviews from our reviews channels. We have opened two major sources for client reviews: -

  1. Google

We encourage our clients to leave reviews on those two and/or any other source available to them. We have however selected a few from both channels and posted on our website for your convenience.

We obviously cannot put all our successful cases on here, thus we have randomly selected a few and put together a brief overview of some cases that we have had success in, showing the complications of the case (if any) as well as how we resolved it.

Feel free to drop us a line should you need help with any immigration matter. Our solicitors are more than happy to assist. We offer free immigration advice over the phone for the first 20 minutes after which we would normally invite you in for a consultation. Our consultation fees are from £150 +VAT and this is normally deducted from our legal fees if you choose to instruct us.


Whilst the above success stories and information on our website is intended to be helpful to our viewers it is not intended to be relied upon as an assurance of success in any immigration application. Reiss Edwards do not accept liability for information on the website being followed and all advice should be sought directly with Reiss Edwards and its immigration lawyers. Whilst Reiss Edwards endeavour to keep the website content up to date, with the rules changing frequently, we cannot guarantee that the information has been amended to reflect the most current legislation. An immigration lawyer at Reiss Edwards can speak with you in further clarification of the immigration rules

Immigration application based on private family life
Tier 1 Entrepreneur
Extended family member
EEA Retained rights of residence
Spouse Visa in-country
EEA Family member residence permit Out-of-country
Tier 2 visa success stories
Tier 2 sponsor licence
Spouse Visa Out-of-Country
Article 8 - EX1 British Child
EEA Extended Family Member
EEA Surinder Singh Application
Tier 1 Investor visa extension success stories
Sponsor Licence - Tier 2
Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Switching to Tier 1 Entrepreneur
Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Switching
Immigration Appeal
Indefinite Leave to remain based on 10 years
Tier 1 General success story
Tier 1 Entrepreneur Document review
Tier 2 ILR 
Naturalisation success stories
Fiance Visa success stories
Tier 2 Dependant Visa success stories

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