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Spouse Marriage Visa and dependant Visa.

I need advise to obtain a Spouse Marriage Visa and three dependants to come to UK and I am already resident here for 45 years. I have adequate salary and three properties and I can support my wife here and we want to get married in the UK. I understand the basics, but you can cover all the finer points. We have known each other since 2008 and became closer in 2015 and I travelled to meet with her and I am in constant touch and intend to visit her this year in [Data withheld]. She speaks several languages and has an excellent grasp of spoken and written English. I also can show our commitment and we come from the same community and so there is a common culture and ethnicity. I want the family to move here so we can get married and live together. Please let me know what information you need to make a full assessment and also to prepare the visa applications. I will be happy to share any information you might need to arrange these matters and please let me have an estimate of your costs and about your success rate in these matters. I know that the Spouse Visa is around £1500. I know that I need to have sufficient income for additional dependents and my family would not need use of any public funds for 5 years. If you initial consultation can be on a face to face basis - I would need to take a day off to come to Central London. I am happy to pay a reasonable cost for your time. Thank you and I await your response.

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The UK marriage visa is a term commonly used to refer to the spouse visa. Spouse visa allows the spouse of anyone who is present and settled in the UK to join their present and settled in the UK to bring their spouse

Our family immigration solicitors can help you on this matter.

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