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Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence

Our client was a Russian National who got a job offer from a fast growing finance company regulated by the financial conduct authority in the UK. The Company has up to 70 employees and over 5 million pound turnover and been trading since around 2011.

The role they were looking to recruit the skilled worker on was the position of a Senior Business Development Director and will be a basic of £50K; and was keen on a target start date.

How we helped

We proceeded to conducting RLMT first and foremost on two platforms, thereafter apply for made the application for a sponsorship licence. Once licence granted we applied for a restricted CoS via the Home Office Panel (via SMS). The relevant SOC code we chose was 1132, with experienced rate of £47,900 per annum.

Once the panel approved it, our client had to travel back to Moscow to make his personal Tier 2 (General) Entry Clearance application from Moscow on a priority service to ensure met our Target UK Start date.

The company did not have a dedicate Human Resource department, but this was not an issue for us as we provided them with sufficient support on how to set up their HR systems in line with Home Office requirements.

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