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Tier 2 PBS Dependant Success stories

Mother came to the UK on 31 August 2016 as a Tier 2 migrant. Child was in the UK in July 2016 as a visitor. She cannot return to [data removed] as father passed away and brothers formed own life. There is no family home as mother has given up tenancy to move to the UK. She cannot live in Saint Lucia on her own as no support for someone on their own. She is dependant on her mother. Mother is currently earning around £28k and is able to support child.

Advised discretionary - will need to show exceptional and compelling circumstances to justify being granted Leave in Line with her mother. We will need to show we meet all the requirements notwithstanding her visit status and being 19 years of age.

Our immigration solicitors were instructed to assist an application for our client to be granted Leave to Remain in the UK in order to remain with your mother who is currently in the UK on a Tier 2 visa.

Our client entered the UK in July 2016 as a visitor and your mother subsequently entered in September 2016.

Although our client is 19 years old, she is dependant on her mother (PBS Dependant visa). Her father regretfully passed away 9 years ago and your brothers have formed their own independent life in [data removed].

You, therefore, want to remain in the UK.

We deal with these sort of applications on a daily basis, where applicants seek to apply for a visa to remain in the UK not knowing exactly what application to apply for

When our client came to us, they did not know precisely what they were going to be applying for. We accessed their situation and suggested that the best route was the PBS Dependant application. We made an application via this route and it was successful




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