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Our client was a Romanian who had entered the United Kingdom with your family in 2000 and were granted Permanent Residence in 2006.

Our client was the Managing director of her own security company. Our client's wife is employed as the Financial Manager in that company and has a daughter (aged 19) who is studying at Bedfordshire University.

Our client was seeking to apply to be naturalised as British Citizens. With a plan to travel to the USA on 6 December 2016 and would, therefore, like to submit the application using the Nationality Checking Service (NCS). The time deadline sort of threw a little spanner in the works in this application. However, this was to little or no effect as our expert immigration solicitors were able to effectively deal with these sort of situation.

What this meant was that the client would need to retain their passport so that they can travel.

The client instructed us to assist themselves, their partner and their child to naturalise/register as British nationals.

Our client and his family entered the UK in 2000 and have held Permanent Residence since 2006.

In light of this, we were instructed to assist with a naturalisation application.

The Home Office has emphasised that British citizenship is not a right but by merit. We help the client with this application. We gave the clients a list of documents showing that they are of good character, have obtained a settled status in the United Kingdom amongst many others.

Importantly, the immigration rules state that a person with indefinitely leave to remain for at least a year is eligible to apply for naturalisation.

We made an application to naturalise and our client got a British passport in addition to their child.



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