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Dublin III Regulation

Dublin III Regulation provides all EU member states with a mechanism for allocating responsibility t...

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In the context of immigration, a derivative is the person whose own status depends on the status of ...

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Department for Communities and Local Government

UK government department responsible for policy in the following areas, mainly in England: building ...

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Discretionary leave to remain

A possible outcome of an asylum case that grants the applicant the right to remain in the UK tempora...

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The UK government department responsible for managing Britain's aid to poor countries (by its own se...

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A decision made by a Court.  When the decision is written up by the Immigration Judge it is referred...

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In the migration context, a family member of a migrant permitted to come to Britain or settle in Bri...

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Document certifying permanent residence

A Document certifying permanent residence is issued to EEA nationals to confirm their right of perma...

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Dispersal is the process by which the Home Office moves an asylum seeker to accommodation outside Lo...

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Detained Fast Track

The fast track procedure is used to determine asylum applications from people who the Home Office as...

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An exact copy, or to make an exact copy. In the immigration context, many forms and documents must s...

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"Generally speaking, according to English law you are domiciled in the country in which you have mad...

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Dual citizenship

"Holding citizenship of two countries. You are classified as holding dual citizenship if you hold...

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Detained Non-Suspensive Appeals

Cases which the Home Office certify as clearly unfounded, usually because the asylum seeker comes fr...

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"The enforced removal of someone who is not British and has served a criminal sentence in the UK. ...

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