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People who work for multi-national companies and are being transferred by their employer from an overseas location to a UK branch of the company. Those from non-EEA countries require a visa to enter the UK and are counted in Home ...

Illegal Entrant

This term is applied to people who enter the country by clandestine means (such as hiding in a lorry), by deception (which can include lying about identity or using false documents) or are in the country in breach of a ...

ILR - Indefinite Leave to Remain

This is permission to enter or remain in the UK with no time restrictions. If you have you are said to be settled or hold 'settled status' in the UK. Indefinite Leave to Remain is also often referred to as ...

Immediate Relative

Under U.S. immigration law, immediate relatives are defined as spouses of U.S. citizens, children (who are under 21 years old and unmarried) of U.S. citizens, and parents of U.S. citizens (if the U.S. citizen is ...

Immigration category

The particular route for leave to renter/remain provided for under the Immigration Rules

Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS)

Applies to some applications for leave to enter/remain in the UK. All people applying for entry clearance (visas) for more than 6 months and applicants already in the UK applying for limited leave to remain, are required to pay the ...

Immigration judge

An immigration judge is a person appointed by the Lord Chancellor to decide appeals made to the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal.

Immigration Officer

Immigration officers work in passport control and are responsible for checking the right of entry to the UK of all individuals arriving at ports and via the channel tunnel. They examine documentation and where necessary can use legal powers to ...

Immigration Officers

Immigration Officers working in passport control are responsible for checking the right of entry to the UK of all individuals arriving at seaports, airports and via the Channel Tunnel. As well as examining documentation, they may gather intelligence and do ...

Immigration removal centre

Immigration removal centres are detention centres. They are used to detain people under Immigration Act powers, including those at any stage of the asylum process, not as the title might imply, just prior to removal.

Immigration Rules

"The Immigration Rules are published by the Home Office and set out the rules which must be fulfilled for immigration applications to be successful. The Immigration Rules are regulations which govern the detail of immigration and asylum law. Changes to ...


Immigration and Nationality Act

Income Support

Income Support is a benefit for people unavailable for full-time work and do not have enough money to live on.

In-country applicant

An in-country applicant is a person who applies for asylum at the Home Office Asylum Screening Unit  in Croydon  after passing through immigration control.

IND - Immigration and Nationality Directorate

The department of the Home Office responsible for dealing with all nationality, immigration and asylum applications and enforcement and developing policy in these areas of law.

Indefinite leave to remain (ILR)

"Indefinite leave to remain is legal permission to stay in the United Kingdom without any time limit. It is a form of settled status and is also known as settlement. Also known as settlement. Synonyms: ILR. ILR is a grant ...

Induction (asylum support)

Induction is the part of the process asylum seekers go through in order to access Home Office support.  In the induction process asylum seekers receive information about the asylum and support processes and their rights and responsibilities in the ...

Initial accommodation

Initial accommodation is provided to destitute asylum seekers while they wait for the outcome of their application for Home Office support. If the application is successful an asylum seeker is moved to dispersal accommodation elsewhere.

Initial decision

Initial decision is a decision by UK Border Agency on an application regarding immigration control, subject to right of appeal.

Integration loans

Integration loans are available to people who have been granted refugee status or humanitarian protection.

Interim support tokens

Asylum seekers who claim Home Office support are given interim support tokens during the period when they are being dispersed. The tokens provide short-term support until their subsistence payments are available through their asylum registration cards at their local Post ...

International Organization for Migration (IOM)

The International Organization for Migration is an intergovernmental organisation which works in the field of migration worldwide.

International student

In UK usage, someone attending an educational institution in the UK whose nationality is either not British, or in some usages, not from any EEA country nor from Switzerland. Also known as foreign students.

Investor status

To be eligible for investor status you must be able to invest at least £1 million in the UK, £750,000 of which must be invested in UK Government bonds or UK businesses. To qualify as an investor there are also ...


Immigration Officer

Ipsos MORI

A commercial polling firm that conducts surveys of public attitudes toward migration and other issues.


Asylum seekers who apply at a port of entry may be granted temporary admission to the UK and given an IS96 letter, which can later be used to obtain an ARC. IS96 letters may also be issued to people who ...

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