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UAE Visa Application

There are a few countries that do not require a permit or visa to gain entry into UAE while other nationals who are not part of the visa free or visa on arrival countries, are expected to apply and acquire a visa before travelling

Citizens of member nations of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are entitled to visa free entry. UAE Immigration laws requires your passport to be valid for at least 6 months while GCC national just needs their ID or driving license.

Entry Visa UAE

An entry visa is a short stay visa given to foreign nationals migrating to the UAE who are eligible and have fulfilled the visa requirements they applied for. The type of entry visa you will require will depend on your purpose of entering into the UAE, it could be for work, visit, transit, tourism. The rules and regulations of visas and permits are set by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) and issued by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA). The duration and validity of an entry permit depends on the type of visa you are applying for. For non GCC citizens, tourist visas, employment visas and visit visas are valid for the period of 60 days, and 30 days for GGC residents.

Business Visa

The Business visa are issued to foreign entrepreneurs / business owners looking to establish or conduct businesses to contribute to UAE's economic growth. If you are coming into the UAE/ Dubai to establish your business or conduct business, you will have to fill a visa application, attach all the necessary documents required and pay the fees for your Dubai Visa.

Student Visa

The Business visa are issued to foreign entrepreneurs / business owners looking to establish or conduct businesses to contribute to UAE's economic growth. If you are coming into the UAE/ Dubai to establish your business or conduct business, you will have to fill a visa application, attach all the necessary documents required and pay the fees for your Dubai Visa.

Visit/Tourist Visa

A tourist visas are issued to persons coming to UAE as tourists. This visa can be a single-entry visa or multiple entry visa valid for 30 days or 90 days. Your tourist visa can be extended twice for a 30 days period without having to leave the country. If you are a visitor/ tourist before your visa expires you can apply for renewal. There is a fine of 100 AED per day for visitors or tourist who failed to renew their visas. However, the visa extension rules do not apply to people on special entry, citizens of GCC countries who are tourists, visitors in UAE, people on special missions, and people accompanying GCC citizens.

Retirement Visa for UAE residents

Retirement Visa for UAE residents: a 5-year long-term residence visa can be issued to retired residents who are 55 years and above. There are 3 conditions out of which you must be able to fulfill at least one of the conditions with as a retiree, such as:

  • An active income of a minimum of AED 20,000 per month
  • Must have invested in a property worth AED 2 million
  • Minimum of AED 1 million as financial savings
Family Visa UAE

Family visa UAE: For UAE residents looking to sponsor their family members in Dubai, the rules are slightly different for and female male and female residents. Male residents in UAE who are employed will be able to sponsor their immediate family members (wife and children) with a salary of AED 3000 or AED 4000 accommodation inclusive. While for female residents in UAE looking to sponsor family, must be a residence permit holder and a doctor, teacher, nurse, engineer or any other position in the medical field, earning a minimum of AED8000 or AED10,000. If you are not part of any of the listed profession you can sponsor your family if you earn more than AED 10,000.

Spouse Visa Dubai

if you wish to bring your spouse to Dubai as their sponsor you will have to follow the residency law and meet up with the sponsorship requirements. The spousal sponsorship requirements for husbands is slightly different from wives looking to bring their spouse on a spouse visa. However, you have to be legally married to your partner to be granted a spouse visa in Dubai.

Residence Visa UAE

Getting a UAE residence permit will require you to provide proper documents and other requirements needed. Processing time for your residence visa could be from 10days - 21 days.

Ways to qualify for a residency permit includes;

  • Starting up a business through a DED license or in a UAE's free zone. This can enable you apply for a residence visa as an investor.
  • Having children who are residents of UAE is another way of getting residency but will depend on how much they earn, the type of property the live in and also the immigration office.
  • Getting employed is another way of qualifying for a residence visa, your employer is responsible for acquiring a residence visa for you.
  • Investing in Real estates with a minimum of 1 million AED can qualify you for a residence visa.
  • You can also apply for close family members like, children, spouses or parent to obtain a residence permit as long as you meet the salary requirements amongst other requirements.

The requirements for applying for a residence visa are;

  • Application form.
  • Your passport and a photocopy
  • Passport photographs
  • A valid company ID
  • Health Certificate/ medical report
  • Entry Permit
  • Company's valid commercial license
  • And an Emirates ID card

Work Visa UAE

An entry permit is required to help you gain entry into the UAE so as to be eligible to get a work permit which is also called a Labour card. All your UAE visa requirements and visa fees will be completed by your employee / company. The work permit or employment visas can be valid for a period of 1-10 years. For exceptional professionals looking to come into the UAE, they will be granted permanent residence (a Gold Card) including a full ownership of their businesses or assets. The Gold Card holders' spouse and children will also be granted automatic permanent residency.

  • Application form
  • Your passport and a photocopy
  • Passport photographs
  • A valid company ID
  • Health Certificate / medical report
  • Company's valid commercial license
  • Entry Permit
  • And an Emirates ID card

UAE Citizenship

UAE citizenship has its benefits, like free healthcare and education, government benefits, tax breaks, access to good jobs, higher salary pay, housing allowances even coverage of marriage cost. There are very few ways you can get a UAE citizenship, like being born to an Emirate mother or father, live continuously in UAE for 30 years to become eligible, and marrying a male Emirati. Marrying a female Emirati will not qualify you or grant you citizenship..

You will have to fulfill some basic requirements to get a UAE Citizenship such as;

  • You should be able to speak Arabic
  • Be legally employed
  • Be of good conduct
  • Have a clean criminal record

Note: UAE does not permit dual citizenship. You will need to renounce your initial citizenship in order to obtain the UAE citizenship.

How do i Apply for a UAE/ Dubai Visa Application?

  • You have to get a sponsor
  • Know what type of UAE visa you will need for your purpose of entry
  • Gather the documents required for your visa
  • Provide supporting document for your UAE tourist visa
  • Hand over your application to your sponsor to complete the process.

Can I Check my Visa Status with my Passport Number or Entry Permit Number?

It is possible to track your visa status with you with your passport number. This can be done through the official website of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA). You can also use your entry permit number to check for the authenticity of your UAE visa.

How Long Can my UAE Residence Visa Stay Valid?

Your residence visa can be valid for 2 -3 years, it all depends on the type of residence visa you applied for. If you are on a residence visa, you are allowed to travel in and out of UAE during your visa validity period. You are also required not to exceed 6 months during your travels abroad if you wish to continue living in UAE to avoid cancellation of your residence visa.

Can my UAE residence visa be extended?

Your UAE residence visa can be renewed if you put in your application for renewal before your visa expires. Renewing your visa grants you continued stay in UAE. There is a grace period of 30 days to remain in UAE after your residence visa expires by General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).

How can I avoid UAE Labour and Visa Fraud?

There are a lot of people coming into Dubai for different purposes, work, school, visit, tourism or business. It is possible to be exposed to fraud in cases like this. The best way to avoid such situation is to seek expert legal advice. You can talk to Reiss Edwards team of immigration lawyers.

  • When you get offered a job in UAE it is important to check if your offer letter is valid. A valid offer letter starts with ST followed by digits.
  • Your employment visa will be sent to you by your employer after you have signed your offer letter
  • In the Labor laws of UAE, all your recruitment expenses will be handled by your employer.
  • Do a proper check that the company exists before you sign an offer letter by looking up the company in the National Economic register.
  • You cannot be issued a residence visa out the UAE, you have to be in the country on a valid entry permit.
  • An Independent employment visa do not exist.
  • You can check for entry permit and visa fees on the official website.

UAE Renewal Fees

The cost for renewing your residence visa for two years is; Abu Dhabi

AED 360

The cost for renewing your residence visa for two years Dubai

AED 460

90 days multiple entry visa

AED 2500

Visitors/ Tourist

AED 600

Dubai visa renewal 2years

AED 240

Dubai visa renewal 3 years

AED 340

Where can i find the best immigration consultants in dubai?

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