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Australia Immigration

There are a lot of opportunities in the Australian Immigration system for persons of all ages, qualification and background. If you are planning to invest, work, visit, or study in Australia, as an international immigration law firm with one of the best team of Immigration specialists, we understand what you need and are offering you our services to help make your immigration process successful.

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Australian Visa

If you plan on travelling to Australia, you will need to put in your application to apply for an Australian visa. Getting an Australian visa grants you entry into Australia, whether you are coming in for work, tourism, study or live permanently.

There are different visas for every purpose of migration to Australia listed below:

Temporary Visa

Business Visa Australia (Short Stay)

The Australia short stay visa type are for entrepreneurs or persons coming into Australia for business purposes. You are allowed entry to Australia for 3 months on a single visit.

Tourist Visa Australia

Australian ETA tourist visa allows foreign citizens to visit Australia as tourists or visit family and friends for a 3 months period on each entry within 12 months. No application form or stamps on your passport is needed. To obtain ETA visa you must have a valid passport

Working Holiday Visa Australia

A working holiday visa permits people within the ages of 18 -30 years, to work in Australia during their holidays. For French, Irish and cantina citizens, they could be 18-35 years. You are allowed to have a first, second and third working holiday visa. Application of this visa should be done in your home country before travelling for the first working holiday visa application.

Skilled Migration Visa

A skilled immigration visa permits skilled workers to live and work in in Australia. It is the most popular visa application for skilled workers, a point-based system. With this visa you can apply for an Australian permanent visa. To be eligible for a skilled immigration visa, you should have work experience and language ability requirements. With just your skills alone, you could be designated to apply for an Australian permanent residence, which means you do not need to be sponsored by an employer.

491 Visa Skilled Work Regional

This visa type permits skilled workers and their families to work, study and live in regional areas for 5 years in Australia. You can be eligible to apply for a permanent residence visa after 3 years.

494 Visa (Sponsored Provisional)

494 Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional), is a temporary visa that allows skilled employees to work study and live in Australian regional areas. Once you are eligible and you can meet up the requirements, you can apply for permanent regional visa.

190 Visa (Skilled Nominated)

People with professions that are on high demand at the Australian Labor market are given a permanent residency skilled migration visa known as Skilled Nominated visa (Sub class 190). This visa allows point tested skilled workers to live and work as a permanent resident.

189 Visa (Skilled Independent)

This visa is for skilled workers who are not sponsored by a state, family member or an employer. An Independent Visa subclass 189 holder can work and live in any part of Australia including some of their family members.

485 Visa (Graduate)

There are two streams for this visa type, there is the Graduate Work stream and Post-Study Work stream. Obtaining the temporary graduate visa (subclass 485) grants you the right to study, work, or live after the completion of your studies. The duration of your stay will depend on the stream you applied for.

186 Visa (Employer Nomination Scheme)

The Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) visas are for skilled workers who are temporary residents working and residing in Australia including skilled workers living outside of Australia.

Family Visa

Partner Visa Australia

Putting in your application for a permanent partner visa can be done in Australia or outside Australia. It takes about 2 years after you put in your application to qualify for a partner visa in most cases.

Parent Visa Australia (Subclass 103)

Parents can live permanently on a parent's visa, if their child or children are permanent residents, eligible New Zealand citizens, or Australian citizens. You have to be sponsored by your child/ children to enable your immigration process to obtaining an Australian parent visa.

Resident Return Visa (Subclass 155)

Resident Return visas are given to permanent residents travelling out of Australia temporarily after their 5 years resident permits are no longer valid. Permanent permit holders for the period their permits are still valid can travel freely in and out of Australia without a Resident return visa.

The Resident Return visas enables former/present Australian permanent residents and citizens recover or retain their permanent residence status.

Business Visa

People planning their immigration process in order to obtain a business skill provisional visa will have to make sure they are eligible and meet up with the requirement conditions. After putting in your application for a business visa and you're your application process is successful, you will be granted a Business Skill (provisional) visa for 4 years.

You can apply for a Business skill residence visa after your 4 years Business skill (provisional) visa expires. This will only be granted if your business has reached the mandatory level of business. The processing time for your business visa can be from 15- 22 months.

Student Visa

Getting a student visa is the number one criterion if you plan to study in Australia for a short course or full-time basis. Without a student visa you won't be allowed entry into Australia. To obtain a student visa you must make sure to meet the requirements needed and put in your application. Your student visa is valid for the period of your study programme, the maximum period given is 5 years.

Australia Work Permit

There are various visa options for all professionals coming into Australia either for temporary or permanent residence. Foreign workers coming into Australia for work purposes has to be sponsored by a company in need of their skills. This visa can be valid for 4years and the standard processing time is 2days - 4 weeks for your work visa to be finalized. Some of the Australian work visas are given on a point-based system.

The Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) is a permanent employer sponsored visa granted to workers with a job offer in an Australian regional area. Each regional area has a specific postcode given by the Department of Immigration.

Skilled Immigration Point Test

The skilled immigration point test is for applicant of the skilled visas. They are expected to score a minimum number of points in the skilled immigration test. Points are awarded for age, skilled employment, Australian Study Requirements, Study in Regional Australia, Partner Skill Qualifications, Nomination by State or Territory Government (visa subclass 190 only), Professional Year in Australia, State Nomination or Sponsorship by an Eligible Family Member, Territory Government or (visa subclass 490 only),English Language Ability, Educational Qualifications and Credentialled Community Language Qualifications.

Australia Permanent Residency

An Australian Permanent residence visa gives you the right to reside in Australia indefinitely if you have lived in the country legally for 4 years. Permanent residence visa holders have the same rights and civil liberties with Australian citizens except the right to vote. This visa type allows holders to sponsor their family members and grants access to subsidized or in some cases free health care and legal services. With a permanent visa you can qualify for an Australian citizenship if you meet the eligibility criteria.

The benefits of an Australian permanent residence include:

  • You have the right to live in Australia indefinitely.
  • You are granted full working rights.
  • You can Sponsor family members (i.e. spouse, children.)
  • Credit ratings.
  • First Home Owner Grant.
  • Privilege for the children of permanent residence.
  • Healthcare entitlement.
  • Social security benefits.

Australia Citizenship

There are ways of getting citizenship in Australia, it could be acquired through birth, family descent or by naturalization after living in Australia for a required period of time. As an Australia citizen you are entitled to its rights and responsibility. If you plan on obtaining Australian citizenship by naturalization, you are required to have lived in Australia legally for at least 4 years and must have obtained a permanent residence visa for a minimum of 1 year.

Note: The Australian law permits dual citizenship for foreign national in Australia seeking to become citizens.

The general requirements needed to apply for an Australian citizenship are as follow:

  • You must have lived in Australia for a minimum of 4 years.
  • You are required to have been a permanent residence holder for a minimum of 1 year.
  • You must have good morals and not be a threat to the nation's security.
  • You must have not left the country for more than 1 year within four years.

Why Choose An Immigration Lawyer?

Going through immigration processes alone for applicants could be a long and confusing process. It is important to get an experienced immigration lawyer to help you navigate through. Hiring an immigration lawyer has its benefits and will definitely save you a lot of stress.

Listed below are the benefits of an immigration lawyer

  • An immigration lawyer will explain your options properly to help your decision making easy for you
  • An experienced immigration Lawyer avoids mistakes. They are thorough.
  • You can get advice from an immigration lawyer as a permanent residence holder.
  • A good immigration lawyer can help you achieve citizenship with legal guidance.
  • An immigration lawyer can help you get a legal job.

How We Can Help

Reiss Edwards team of immigration solicitors are familiar with the processes and legal routes of global immigration. We are ready to help make your immigration processes easy and swift. For further information, enquiries and assistance, you can contact us today on 020 3744 2797 or send us an email on

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"Professional service. I was very impressed with the fact that my ILR application was successful 6 weeks after the submission amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. I also think the portfolio put together by the team at Reiss Edwards has played a big part in the quick turnaround of my application".

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