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Here at Reiss Edwards, our specialist global immigration solicitor know exactly where you are coming from. With one of the largest and forward-thinking specialist immigration lawyers in the city of London, here at Reiss Edwards, we strive upon providing our prospective and existing clients with real-time, responsive advice in a friendly, approachable manner.

The team has been entrusted and called upon to advise on matters relating to mobility to and from the UK, the USA, Australia, Canada, China, UAE and Europe respectively.

Our advisors have represented global brands as well as household names including one of the largest high street retailers, luxury fashion brands and arguably, the largest telecommunications company in the world.

Feel free to get in touch for a free consultation – we aim to respond to all calls within four hours, but often sooner.

What is Global Mobility

Global mobility is in itself, a company’s or individuals ability to relocate from one country to another. As with all immigration, Global Mobility is a fluid concept, where requirements and laws are ever-changing in a fast-paced environment. Moving countries and obtaining visas can be challenging and daunting and we pride ourselves by being able to allay fears and present clear immigration processes.

Solutions for corporate Relocation

Getting the right partner is key to the success of any global business.

Reiss Edwards is that partner. We are an innovative multinational immigration company providing our clients with a robust range of strategic services through our team of highly qualified professionals and partners around the globe.

We offer a wide range of services to support companies with international workforce populations. Whether you have urgent business needs across the world or need to move an employee quickly, or if you need to hire an individual in a different country, Reiss Edwards can provide tailor-made immigration processes for individual or group moves.

Reiss Edwards has experience of delivering high-quality Global Mobility solutions and prides itself on empathising with clients.

Solutions for individuals

In addition to serving the some of the world’s largest multinational corporations, we also render the same quality of services to individuals – entrepreneurs, investors, performers, artists, scientists and researchers, academics and family members of our corporate clients.

Some of the services we offer here include;

We can help to provide you with either a long term or temporary business-related visas or long-term work authorizations and residence permits swiftly and competently.

Our Global Immigration Service

Putting our clients' needs first and commitment to a strong client relationship is one of our objectives. We support clients through a single contact point, offering cross-border connections to relevant experience wherever and whenever our clients need us.

Our devoted Global Mobility Team of specialist is committed to providing exceptional, valuable and consistent services in the global mobility and international staff secondment. It includes:


Compliance is at the forefront of any immigration process. Once you are on board with us, we will ensure each application is fully compliant and ethically lodged

Planning, Advisory & Risk Analysis

At the outset of any immigration initiation we will assess the merits, credentials, risks and pitfalls. This is with a view of presenting a clear, lawful and achievable global immigration process

Remuneration planning

When dealing with an international assignment many visa and work authorisation types require legal minimum salaries to be paid to travelling clients. Upon the outset of a case, Reiss Edwards will ensure this is covered in the assessment phase.

Human Resource structuring:

We can advise corporate clients on howbest to utilise their Human Resources to accommodate their Global Mobility needs

Management & Tracking

As each case progresses we will keep clients abreast of any significant milestones.

Relocation, repatriation & Reassignment

Each destination country has different requirements throughout the immigration process. Reiss Edwards will ensure that each.

Policy design and Review

Our internal team can assist with designing policies which serve our clients specific and individual needs

Cost & Budgeting

We will provide clients a breakdown of costs before an immigration assignment is lodged

Vendor management

Even if you have an existing vendor list, we can easily integrate our systems with yours


Reiss Edwards can assist an individual case or a group of cases in one go

Countries we work with

Our global immigration service consists of a network of immigration and visa related service providers in over 20 countries including:


The Netherlands provides both a cultural and commercial lure. It is a popular destination for those looking to live in a dynamic place

United States of America

The USA needs no introduction in the realm of Global Mobility. It is a hub of Corporate Headquarters and land of opportunity to those who move there.


Situated in Europe but subject to its own immigration Rules, Switzerland presents a unique opportunity for business and individuals. The picturesque scenery and hospitable people make this a desired destination.


Especially popular to those businesses involved in manufacturing and construction. China presents a varied experience for workers


Canada is a fantastic place to live and is welcoming migrants to work there. The very nature of Canadian immigration systems allows assignees a sense of ease when applying to live and work there.


Australia provides many ex-patriates sunny beaches and a bustling lifestyle which make this a desirable destination to live and work in.

Germany and Italy

Moving to the EU is a fantastic opportunity for clients to sample many varied ways of living in one move.

United Arab Emirates

The UAE is rapidly developing and growing into a region of immense opportunity. Immigration traffic is increasing and companies are finding value moving there. Individuals who are moving to the UAE will find a very hospitable and vibrant ex-patriate community to interact with.


Moving to the EU is a fantastic opportunity for clients to sample many varied ways of living in one move.


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