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Hi there, I am originally Bosnian but have grown up in Australia (and have an Australian passport), i moved to London in May of 2013 on a Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa and lived with my partner until the end of April 2015. I have been trying to collect documents for an unmarried partner visa application since last year now and the process keeps getting delayed and i am getting more and more confused by the website and what is required in terms of the financial documents as my partner's accountant is giving me some confusing information. I'd like to know how much it would cost for an initial consultation and what kind of support you can offer me if i choose for you to handle the application for me in full. I am still working for a company in London and they are guaranteeing i will have a job should i be able to return.

At Reiss Edwards, we offer a 20 minutes free consultation over the phone. During the consultation, we'd normally access your case to see if we can help. If after the conversation, we see that we can help, we would normally book you in for a consultation with one of our specialist immigration lawyers who should normally be very experienced in that field. Looking through your enquiry, I can see that you are having issues with understanding the financial requirements for an unmarried partner visa application.

Importantly, in order to meet the financial requirements for an unmarried partner visa, you have to show that your sponsor earns above £18,600. How you demonstrate this if your currently employment is under six months is quite different. You may be able to rely on two most recent period to show that you are earning at least £18,600. Our family immigration lawyers have working as and with top immigration solicitors in the UK.

We pride ourselves in providing honest advice and offer a fixed fee.

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