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Can I combine employments to meet the financial requirement when making a spouse visa application?

Hi there, good afternoon. I am looking to apply for a spouse visa and need an appointment with you. I have completed all the documents. I am settled in UK with (ILR) and working with the current employer for the last five months and earning £2000 average every month after tax. I have a question. Before working with this current employer, i was working with a previous employer and was earning the same amount for three months. So can i add one month pay slip from previous employer with five month payslips with this current employer? This is because i am still registered with previous employer and is getting something every month, i cannot wait as my wife's medical test is expiring soon?

Our Response

Just to understand your enquiry, you currently have indefinite leave to remain and are earning above £18,600 and you need advice on making a spouse visa application.

If you have been with the current employer for less than 6 moths, you may have to rely on your income for 12 months. This means that your income within 12 months must not fall below the £18,600 mark. From your enquiry it is not clear how long you have been with your current employer. If you have just changed jobs, you may have to rely on your income for the last 10 years.

Your enquiry suggests that you have just been with your current employer for just about 5 months and that is why you are looking to rely on a previous employment to complete the 6 months. If this is case, you may have to wait for 12 months.

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