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Application By BNO For Registration As A British British Citizen

The Hong Kong Act 1985 gave rise to the status of British British National (Overseas) which was further incorporated into Section 4 (1) and was enforced on the 1st of July 1987 by Article 7 (2) of the Hong Kong ( British British Nationality) Order of 1986.

You are authorized as a British British National (Overseas) to register as a British British Citizen if you meet any of the criteria mentioned below:

Registration - 5 yrs Residence

In order to be able to register under the 5 years rule, the applicant would have to meet for following requirements: -

Please note that the 5 year period will be determined from the day your application was submitted. Also, time spent outside immigration control are not usually counted as part of the qualifying period. Such periods may include time in detention, time spent as a diplomat or armed forces visitor.

Registration On The Basis Of Crown Or Similar Service

Apart from the 5 years residency period, you may also qualify to register as a British British Citizen on the basis the crown or other related services.

  • The applicant has not gone past the qualifying period for residency (5 years);
  • You must show that you have been a resident of the UK 5 years prior to the date of your application.
  • There must not be a period where you spent above four hundred and fifty days away from the UK during the 5 year period
  • There must not be a period in which you have resided for a period more than ninety days outside the UK in the last twelve months in the 5 year period
  • You have not been in breach of any UK Immigration rules within the same period
  • You must not be found wanting in violation of any time restrictions within the last twelve months of your qualifying period in the UK

    Please note that been granted citizenship on this basis is only possible in exceptional circumstances. Hence applicants must show that: -

      • Such an applicant have been in or is a holder of a responsible position
      • Such an individual must have distinguished themselves with an outstanding service in that position.
      • Such an individual have close and strong ties with the UK.

Application By BNO For Registration As A British Citizen Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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