In the wake of the recent knife attack at Leytonstone station, one particular comment that have continued to grab the headlines as well as causing a positive stir on social media is "#Youaintnomuslimbruv". The hashtag went so viral that it became the 'most trending' last week; with Londoners within and outside the UK quick to rally around such a resounding and defiant statement.

In the face of rising Islamophobic tendencies, this single statement, according the British Prime Minister "said it all much better than I ever could" David Cameron publicly expressed his gratitude to the person who shouted "you aint no muslim bruv at the Leytonstone attacker; describing it as a "brilliant" comment.

The comment was particularly timely especially in the wake of recent shootings in San Bernardino, California, United States that killed 14 people and wounded 21. President Barack Obama was also quick to dissociate the shootings with Islam as a religion. He further encouraged Muslim leaders world over to do their best possible to dispel radicalism that may be creeping in by "thugs" and "death cults".

The Leytonstone suspect, 29 years old Muhaydin Mire is accused of launching a persistent and unprovoked attack before shouting "this is for Syria, my Muslim brothers" and "this is because you bombed the hospitals in Syria". That statement may have had a tendency of linking his assault to Islam as a religion. However, the comment "you aint no muslim bruv" was quick to dispel that notion and this was acknowledged by the British Prime minister.

The questions for us then in immigration is that 'does this in any way have a subtle effect on migrating to and out of the UK?'; 'Are immigration decisions going to be influenced in anyway by these recent happenings around the world?'

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