Tier 1 entrepreneur processing time

Tier 1 entrepreneur processing time

So you've submitted perhaps the most important document of at least your business life in your Tier 1 entrepreneur visa application, now how long are you likely to wait? Well according to gov.uk you should wait 3 weeks.

The 3 week processing time is likely to just be a target. Government officials are known to take their time in assessing applications and the Tier 1 entrepreneur visa is one of the most sought-after and indeed applied for. Also with the UK currently facing a potential mass change in immigration rights for the millions of citizens living in the country via the potential changes to EU freedom of movement rights the Home Office has rarely been busier. Much maligned for its lack of speed the Home Office is currently facing a huge backlog of applications due to an upsurge in applications and a lack of staff.

Moving forward the Home Office is likely to be given extra resources to try and counteract the changes that will come with Brexit. But in the meantime, it means that it's a long wait for those trying to get their application through. The detail required by the application doesn't help either. As there is deep research needed for each application, they are all considered extremely carefully.

When can I apply?

You can mitigate against this time needed by applying early. You can apply up to 3 months before travelling and by doing this you are much more likely to have enough time for your application to be processed. It also gives you time to appeal if the worst case scenario happens and your first application gets rejected. With such a high rejection rate there is a chance that you will fall into this category, so it is imperative that your application is as good as possible.

Any other tips?

You can also maximise your chances of a successful application by using our services. Our specialist immigration lawyers can craft your application and can even put you in touch with amazing business plan writers who can create a brilliant business plan that will assure Home Office staff that your business is set up to succeed. By using our service you are getting experts in your corner who have vast knowledge and experience of immigration law and have been at the centre of many successful applications and know how best to present your case. If the worst has happened and you have been turned down then do not fear, give us a call and let us take up your appeal and make sure you get the most out of your second chance.

How we can help

For legal guidance on your immigration matter, you can speak to one of our immigration solicitors. We are ready and waiting to get started helping you succeed in getting to the UK and building your business. We can help to get you over the line, so get in touch and see how our range of solutions can help to get your application approved.

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