The UK remains a top destination for Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa applicants

The UK remains a top destination for Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa applicants

From an entrepreneur's perspective the World may be their oyster, so why should an entrepreneur choose the UK as their destination of choice for setting up a business? Well, on top of being one of only a few English speaking countries, the UK has one of the most diverse and open marketplaces in the World.

Technological hub

The UK is at the forefront of global technologies and is a World-leader in enterprise solutions. It is also geographically if not so much politically close to the emerging European markets and for at least the time being has a free trade agreement with the rest of the European Union that makes trading between markets easy and convenient.

Strong economy

Whilst the impending withdrawal from the European Union does threaten some short term prosperity in the UK the resilience of the economy and the diversity of potential business means that wealth creation is likely to remain strong in the future. For those who are more entrepreneurial and less risk averse "Brexit" offers the opportunity to get on the front foot of future trading conditions that are likely to exist.

Political stability

Whilst the recent general election showed a lack of clarity in Britain's political thinking, historically the UK has an extremely stable government with relatively low levels of corruption compared with other nations, this means that laws today are unlikely to change in the short-term meaning entrepreneurs can have some confidence in the future stability based on a long history of very stable trading conditions.

Seed capital

Another attractive reason for entrepreneurs to come to the UK is the huge growth in seed capital for attractive entrepreneurial businesses. London is now catching up with the US as investors seek to diversify their investing into the potential boom growth that comes with seed capital. This growth means that entrepreneurs can look forward to being able to capitalise on a variety of investment options if they come to the UK.

As you can see the UK makes a strong case for entrepreneurs, its strong economy and relative stability mean that excellent trading conditions exist for entrepreneurs, if you would like to capitalise on this potential then you're going to need a Tier 1 entrepreneur visa. The Tier 1 entrepreneur visa gives an entrepreneur access to live in the UK and to set up or take over a business in the country.

If the entrepreneur visa is of interest to you we can help you every step of the way including referring you to an excellent business planner to help you create an excellent business plan that will make up part of the requirement of the application. To find out how our immigration lawyers can help, get in touch today and let us talk you through the process of application. We can help make your application a successful one. Your success is our success so let us get started.

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