UK remains ideal place for Global entrepreneurs

UK remains ideal place for Global entrepreneurs

Britain is a superb place to do business, with a diverse and growing economy, close proximity to Europe and a close relationship with the US, the UK is ideally placed for global trade. So if you want to set up business in the UK and you're foreign-based you will likely require a visa to set up and work there. The best way is as a Tier 1 entrepreneur. The Tier 1 entrepreneur visa allows individuals with access to £200,000 of capital to enter the UK for an initial period of 3 years and 4 months, though this is extendable.

The system was set up to allow these wealth creators to enter the UK in order to set up diverse businesses that help to bolster the British economy. It has provided thousands of opportunities for would be entrepreneurs to enter the UK to set up businesses.

So if you're looking to get started you will need to prepare a Tier 1 entrepreneur business plan. This plan is used as part of an overall package that shows immigration officials that the applicant is serious about setting up in business and has the right mix of capital and business knowledge to turn the plan into a reality. With the UK being such an attractive destination for business, entry is not easy, officials are looking for potential gaps in the plans of those who are not genuine in order to ensure that those who do get in are there genuinely to start or take over an existing business.

While many will go it alone with regards to Tier 1 entrepreneur business plans, there is strong evidence to suggest that this may not be the wisest move. As stated earlier immigration officials are looking very hard at these plans and this is where it may be judicious to seek outside counsel. There are law firms that provide a writing service that can ensure that you have the best chance of success of entering the UK in order to set up your business. They will be experienced with knowing what works and what doesn't and how to display your business in the most attractive way possible to those civil servants.

With a high rate of rejection, there are many reasons why choosing the right law firm to handle your specific case. The right firm will spend time with you to learn about you and your potential business, they will ensure that you are prepared for any interview that may be required. The interview stage is one of the most fraught parts of the process and being well prepared will greatly enhance the chances of success in application, a good law firm will ensure that you are fully conversant in all the aspects of your proposed business to ensure that there are no gaps in your knowledge.

So take the plunge and start your process today, there's rarely been a better time to try and launch a new business in the UK so get in touch.

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