How can I Apply and Track My Canadian Visa Application?

How can I Apply and Track My Canadian Visa Application?

If you are looking to move to Canada from another country, then it is likely that you will need a visa. Canada is one of the world’s most popular destinations for migrants - the country offers a prime quality of living and fantastic economic opportunities that make it high on the list of would-be migrants. One drawback of this popularity is that it's difficult to get a visa. In this article, we look at the visas offered for those looking to move to Canada. We will also look at how to apply for them and how long the processing will take for your visa application.

Which Visas are Available for those Looking to Move to Canada?

There are a vast number of visas offered by Canadian immigration that allow entry to the country. Depending on whether you are looking to visit, work, join family members or even to relocate permanently, Canada has a visa to suit all needs.

Your first step on your immigration journey will be to select the most appropriate visa route to suit your needs. Below we have listed most of the visas that are currently available to eligible foreign nationals looking to come to Canada:

  • Temporary Visa - for those who wish to visit for a specific period to study, work or take an extended vacation
  • Student Visa - if you are looking to study in Canada as a foreign national, you will require a visa
  • Visitor Visa - if you are looking to take a vacation in Canada, you may require a visitor visa depending on your country of origin
  • Work Permits - if you are looking to come to Canada to work, you will need a work permit. Canadian work permits are split into several distinct groups - Business Class Immigration, Federal Skilled Worker Visa, Canadian Experience Class Visa, Federal Skilled Trades Program, Provincial Nomination Programs and the Quebec -Selected Skilled Workers Program
  • Family Sponsorship Program - which allows specific family members of Canadian citizens or permanent residents to join their family members in Canada
  • Live-in Caregiver Program - for those who are coming to Canada to work in the care sector under very specific circumstances

As you can see, there are a huge number of visas available to choose from. You will need to select the most appropriate visa for your situation and ensure that you meet the specific criteria laid out for the visa in order to be able to apply.

How Can I Apply for A Canadian Visa?

The application process for your specific Canadian visa will depend entirely on the route that you select. Some visas, for instance, allow you to make an application online. Other visas may require you to print out your application and mail it back to a visa processing centre. Whichever route you choose, most visas require significant amounts of documentary evidence to support your visa application. All the documentation required will be laid out in the application pack, and it is important that you provide copies of everything that is required. This will not only speed up the process, but it will also enhance your chances of a successful application.

For the vast majority of Canadian visas, you will also need to attend an interview. These interviews generally take place at a location that is within your own country (often an embassy or consulate). These interviews ensure that your application is processed correctly and that you are eligible for the visa selected. If you are concerned about your eligibility to enter Canada, get in touch today with our team of experienced immigration lawyers who will be able to help you.

Can I Track My Canadian Visa Application?

If you have filed your Canadian visa application online, you should be able to keep track of its processing. You will be given login details for your account, where you will be able to see the most recent updates to the process of your visa application. It is best to use this tool rather than contacting Canadian immigration directly. As Canadian immigration is very busy processing applications, it is unlikely that you will receive much useful information by contacting them directly. If they require more information, the online tool will also notify you of this and how to rectify it.

As we will layout in the next section, Canadian immigration visa processing can take time, if you are in a rush to receive your visa, there may be express options available (depending on your chosen route). It is worth checking these out before making your application, as this is generally when you will need to pay an enhanced fee for such a service.

How Long Do Canadian Visas Take to be Processed?

The amount of time that your visa application will take to be processed will depend entirely on the route that you are using and your personal circumstances. As we alluded to in the previous section, enhanced services may be available on certain visa routes, so it is worth checking out your options before submitting your application. Processing times vary greatly - from as little as two weeks for a visitor visa, up to a year in some of the other routes. It is worth using the Canadian immigration website’s processing time checker to see what the average is for your chosen route.

While you will be given an estimate by the Canadian immigration website for processing times, please note that these are purely an estimate. Application volumes will vary throughout the year and this will undoubtedly have a knock-on effect on your application.

Once you have submitted your application, it is a good idea to login to your account regularly to see if there have been any updates. By submitting required documents quickly, you can enhance your chances of your application being processed quickly.

If you need any more help with Canadian visa applications, kindly contact our highly dependable immigration solicitors whose service can enhance your chances of a successful application.

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