Top 11 Most Ridiculous Reasons for Visa Overstay

Top 11 Most Ridiculous Reasons for Visa Overstay

  1. Power Supply

It's easy for people living in the United Kingdom to take their easy access to certain amenities for granted. In some countries, however, 67&#x o;f the developing world still does without electricity in the majority of households. It's understandable from this perspective why one may be apprehensive about returning to such an environment. Unfortunately, this is not good enough grounds for overstaying your visa.

  • The Weather

For those who hate the intense heat and sunshine in their home countries, returning to those conditions can be a huge cause of anxiety and distress. But it is not significant enough grounds to justify overstaying your visa - the weather isn't usually considered a threat to one's safety or life.

  • British Born Children

It can be tempting to think that if your child is born in the country, then they'll be automatically considered British and by extension can stay indefinitely. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. Children born to non-British parents are not automatically granted citizenship - at least one parent needs "settled status". If you overstay your visa, you may, in fact, decrease your child's chances of gaining citizenship.

  • Facing Parents

Students may get themselves into trouble due to low attendance (resulting in them being kicked out) and become nervous about facing their parents back home. As a result, it can be tempting to perpetuate a lie by saying they're either still enrolled or currently employed. While coming clean to your parents can be daunting, it's by no means a smart choice to continue living in the country illegally.

  • Other People's Advice

We've all been swayed by those we assume know better than us. Unfortunately, those who have family members with full citizenship can be easily influenced into making some not-so-smart choices. The problem stems from a lack of experience - in this case, the individual staying on a visa assumes their family member knows the laws of the country inside out.

  • Winning My Girlfriend Back

Relationship issues tend to cloud our judgment and reasoning. If you've recently got out of a relationship with a partner you still have feelings for, it can be difficult to think of separating yourself even further by leaving the country. While your feelings are valid, we advise against the temptation of overstaying your visa in the hopes that you may potentially win your partner back.

  • Western Life

Adapting to a new environment can be daunting in itself - regressing back into your previous one can be worse! For many who come to stay in the UK, the lifestyle offers them considerably more freedom compared to their home country. While we understand the culture shift being a cause for concern, this reason alone doesn't warrant staying in the country illegally.

  • Affording the Flight

While you may legitimately be unable to afford your flight home, this isn't good enough grounds to overstay your visa. You will be expected to contact the necessary people prior to your visa expiring so that you're in an able position to leave the country. In fact, waiting for your visa to expire so that you don't have enough money for the flight could potentially incur further negative consequences.

  • Doing It For My Girlfriend

While some may be inclined to overstay their visa to repair a broken relationship, some are inclined to stay to maintain their current one. This can become an issue for people who develop relationships with British citizens and then find their visa coming to an end.  Unfortunately, relationships not akin to marriage aren't considered as reasonable grounds for continuing your stay beyond your visa limitations.

  •  Homosexual

Regrettably, there still exist cultures in which homophobia and discrimination are blatant and normal. For an immigrant who identifies as homosexual, for example, going back to a potentially toxic environment can be deeply unsettling. This is a serious issue, so we'd advise getting the necessary help in advance to build a case for you staying - letting your visa expire and overstaying isn't necessarily the best option.

  •  Problems - facing parents

One's home country may not be accommodating to certain issues you hold (or have developed while being away). For example, if you develop a gambling addiction in the UK but your home country doesn't have the infrastructure in place to deal with that addiction, one may be inclined to stay where the infrastructure does exist. It's best to consult someone who can help you with your specific situation.

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