The Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull Receive An Award For His Non-Discriminatory Immigration Policies

The Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull Receive An Award For His Non-Discriminatory Immigration Policies

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is to receive an award for "non-discriminatory" immigration policies. The Prime Minister is receiving the prize for a continuation of non-discriminatory immigration program in the country. The Disraeli prize is awarded by right leaning think-tank The Policy Exchange. He will be presented the prize by Britain's home secretary Amber Rudd at Westminster. The prize is named in honour of Britain's first minority Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli.

The Policy Exchange, in awarding the prize stated: "Prime Minister Turnbull has maintained a strong non-discriminatory immigration program helping to make Australia a land of opportunity for peoples from all around the world". He was further praised for his handling of tensions within his own party on the issue of renewable energy. He. Has been strong in his support of LGBT rights on same-sex marriage and also on the controversial subject of abortion. This has led to direct confrontation with the more right leaning members of his administration.

The politician spent more than two decades in the mainstream business world before entering politics in 2004. He has previously served as minister of communications in former Prime Minister Tony Abbott's administration. He is also a well-regarded author having written The Spycatcher Trial which drew on his previous experience in the legal world.

He had recently gained notoriety for his mocking of US President Donald Trump in a behind closed doors event with other politicians and journalists. The audio was leaked in a rare gaffe. The event is generally well-respected as being an off the record meeting with the Prime Minister. This came uncomfortably close to a previously difficult conversation between the leaders on Australian immigration. Considering Trump's notoriously thin skin it is likely that the men are unlikely to be on each other's Christmas list anytime soon. Though with much of the world media openly mocking the controversial 45th President of the US, Turnbull is unlikely to be the only world leader to upset the President.

Prime Minister Turnbull has managed to balance the value of immigration with the core values of Australia, which is no mean feat in a country with a notorious recent history with immigration. It's recent checkered past with regards to events at its offshore detention centre Nauru. It also has a history of turning away even the most vulnerable immigrants from its shores, usually diverting them to the island for detention to enable them to be "processed". The conditions on Nauru have been the target of many human rights groups due to the reported appalling conditions that immigrants are kept in.

The Prime Minister was in Europe for the G20 summit which took place in Hamburg. The summit was surrounded in controversy as violent protests took place. There was also the revolving circus around Donald Trump to contend with, as leaders from across the globe were quick to attack several of his policies, most intensely his decision to remove the US from the Paris Climate Agreement.

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