Pressure on the Home office after recent errors

Pressure on the Home office after recent errors

Campaigners who represent the interests of EU citizens insist that the British government cannot be trusted and that they will rally against any thought of the Home Office being in charge of the future of the citizens affected. The Home Office which is in charge of visa applications, as well as those for asylum, has been under increasing pressure of late due to a string of highly visible errors by it.

The lack of cohesion may be of worry to those who are embarking on an application for one of the UK's visa entry routes such as Tier 1. In recent times there has been an upsurge in applicants or Tier 1 entrepreneur visas as well as the other more generalised routes such as Tier 2 which is aimed at more skilled migration rather than entrepreneurs.

The latest bungle by the beleaguered department was the letter sent mistakenly to up to 100 EU nationals warning them to leave the country or face deportation. This will not allay the fears of the millions of EU migrants that currently reside in the UK legally; many of them already fear that a so-called "hard Brexit" will result in a significant loss of rights for them in the future.

The current round of talks going on in Brussels should hopefully help to secure the future of EU nationals in the UK. The negotiations should also cement the futures of Britons who also live in the EU. The lack of rights and the failure of the government to guarantee them in the aftermath of the referendum was widely criticised for the politicisation of innocent people, the fact that almost a year later the position is still not clear means that there are millions of people in the UK that do not know if they will still be eligible to live there in two years time. The lack of uncertainty has continued at a pace and with it, the value of the pound continues to remain at almost record lows.

The errors at the Home office are certainly not helping to create a picture that the UK is well equipped to handle some of the proposed changes that are likely to come inside the next two years This uncertainty has kicked off what some are calling a "Brexodus". This exodus is made up of what is believed to be many EU nationals re-evaluating their position in the UK and perhaps deciding that the future may lie elsewhere. This in itself may play into the hands of the Tier 1 entrepreneur; the UK will wish to remain competitive and if that is to be the case it will need to entice the best wealth creators from around the World. With that in mind, if you are considering moving to the UK as an entrepreneur why don't you get in touch? We are also able to advice on how to approach your Tier 1 business plan to help you get your business off of the ground in the UK.

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