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Obtaining a Tier 2 Sponsorship Visa

If you're looking to live and work in the UK and are from outside of the EEA you will require a visa to enter the UK. There are several such schemes available in the UK but today we're going to focus on the Tier 2 visa for general migration. This visa scheme means that skilled workers from outside of the EEA can live and work in the UK for a defined period as set out by the visa conditions.

Here we will look at the visa in more detail and see how to get one.

How to get Tier 2 visa sponsorship

To enter the UK you will need to have a visa before arriving. If you are applying from outside of the UK then you will get a decision in 3 weeks. You can apply up to 3 months before traveling to the UK.

The requirements are as follows;

  • Employment offer from a sponsor license holding business
  • Valid certificate of sponsorship
  • Proof of minimum salary requirement (Now £30,000)
  • Provable knowledge of the English language
  • Have enough savings to support yourself (at least £945 in your account for 90 days)
  • Have a 5-year travel history

If you can satisfy these eligibility criteria then you stand a very strong chance of acceptance. You can maximise your chances by letting us help with your application; one of our specialist's lawyers can take over your case and ensure that you are presented in the best possible terms in your application. We can take care of all the small details and allow you to rest easy that your application is being handled by experts who have built up years of knowledge of the industry.

Who is a Tier 2 visa sponsor?

A Tier 2 visa sponsor is a company that holds a license to hire staff from abroad and has satisfied a set of criteria as laid out by the government on record keeping and notification procedures for Tier 2 visa holders. They are able to provide the certificate that is required for Tier 2 visa holders to enter the UK to live and work.

Be aware that during your employment your employer is duty bound to keep your records correctly, they are also required to report if you have an extended leave from work to satisfy their own eligibility criteria so don't be surprised if you have to give quite a large amount of information to them regarding your whereabouts.

Making a sponsor license application

You can make a license application directly or we can help put the application together for you. But by using our service you can ensure that your case has been assessed by an immigration specialist who understands exactly what makes a strong case and can give you the strongest chance of success in your application.

So for your best chance of being successful get in touch with our immigration solicitors today at 020 3744 2797 and email us at and let us show you what we can do for you.

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