Non-EEA Unmarried Partner Visa UK

Non-EEA Unmarried Partner Visa UK

For those living in the UK on a visa, a common question is whether their partner (who is not married to them) can join them in the UK. We will look at the options that you have if you are currently in this position and offer advice and support on how to progress.

Can My Partner Join Me?

If your unmarried partner is a non-EEA citizen then the situation becomes a tricky one. Under certain conditions workers in the following arenas have extended rights.

Work Permit holders, overseas media representatives, sole representatives, private servants in diplomatic households, overseas government employees, Ministers of Religion, airport-based operational ground staff, UK Ancestry, businessmen/businesswomen, self-employed, investors, writers, composers, artists and retired persons of independent means.

Will I need to sponsor my partner?

Not as such. You will need to prove that you have enough funds to support both of you in the UK. This is among the easier things that you will need to prove, as you can see in the following sections, there is a lot to prove when using this route to gaining a visa for your partner.

Will we have to prove our relationship?

Yes. The Home Office will need substantial proof that you and your partner have been in a long-term relationship. This may be difficult considering that one of you lives in a different country but if you give us a call we can advise you on the best course of action and brief you on what the expectations will be.

Are there other criteria?

Yes, it's quite a stringent process and you will need to prove that you have suitable accommodation for you to live in as well as the financial requirements. If you have children, the requirements change significantly.

As per many of the other visa routed in the UK, there is also an English language requirement that your partner will need to satisfy in order to gain a visa to the UK.

How long is the visa for?

Initially, the visa will be for a period of 33 months if your partner is applying from overseas or 30 months if they are already in the UK. This can be extended and be used to gain indefinite leave to remain in the UK if all conditions are met.

We are here to help

If you have a partner/spouse that you would like to bring to the UK with you, or indeed any other immigration or visa query then please get in touch. Our specialist immigration solicitors can help give you advice and support in your individual situation and give you guidance to make a successful application.

So for more information or to talk to someone about your specific immigration needs, get in touch today and let us help you.

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