Interpreting Home Office' Immigration Audit results

Interpreting Home Office' Immigration Audit results

Understanding the results of an immigration audit is as important as going through the audit process itself. As it is the results that will tell you if you've done well or bad in your audit. It will also be important for you to understand what corrective measures you will have to take should you be found not meeting up to the Home Office Standards for a holder of a Tier 2 Sponsor licence.

Our Immigration experts have over 40 combined years of experience with immigration audits and can help you answer your questions as well as complications.

Also, if you sponsor licence have been downgraded, we can also give you professional advice on how best to approach this. Similarly if you have been fined, we can advise you on whether you should deny and challenge, deny and pay or accept and pay.

The audit

The UKBA's immigration audit results are scored between 1 and 3, where 3 is the highest. The scores are awarded with reference to the following: -

  1. HR Systems: - This relates to whether or not the audit team was able to identify a reasonable and sustainable way of identifying their migrant workers' current grant of leave as well as when it is coming to an end.
  2. Convictions and Civil Penalties: - This relates to whether or not the business has any migrant with any or an unspent criminal conviction or have become liable for a civil penalty.
  3. Migrant compliance: - The UKBA would also seek to determine whether or not migrant employees within your establishment are complying with the immigration rules especially as it relates to their working hours and other possible breaches to their granted leave. An employed migrant student for example who is working more than the working hours they are allowed.

Best Immigration Audit Service Lawyers in London

Reiss Edwards understands the complexity of UK immigration procedures and the possible risks involved with non-compliance of the legal immigration rules. Our personalised Audit services consists of the following aspects:

Reiss Edwards will make sure that both immigration requirements and sponsorship requirements are met by your company; Reiss Edwards can offer you a Mock Audits and should we identify any issues, we will provide you with the final report of what needs to be done to avoid the potential of incurring penalties. Our staff will work with you to improve your processes.

Reiss Edwards is a firm of UK immigration experts, based in the City of London, Holborn. With over 10 years of practical experience, our Sponsorship Registration & Compliance Team will make sure that your audit is as smooth as possible and stress-free. Contact our specialist immigration audit services lawyers in London and call our offices on 02037442797 or e-mail us at if you wish to discuss your case further.


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