What Would The Impact Be Of A Second Referendum On Britain's Membership Of The European Union?

What Would The Impact Be Of A Second Referendum On Britain's Membership Of The European Union?

An interesting idea has popped up in the media recently from perhaps the most unlikely place possible. Former UKIP Leader Nigel Farage has been in the media suggesting that a second referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union would "settle the argument for a generation."

But in reality, what impact would a second referendum make on Britain as a whole? Well in this article we try and put together a picture of what may happen if, as Nigel Farage has suggested, a second referendum was held.

Would a second referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union really settle the argument?

If current opinion polls are to be believed, no. Every poll that has been held since the referendum has shown that opinion is still extremely divided on the issue of Brexit and that another referendum would still be very close. The original was 52&#x t;o 48&#x t;o leave and most polls would now have a slight favouritism to remain.

Would we be able to just go back to the way things were if we cancelled Brexit?

After Article 50 was triggered there was a lot of discussion as to whether the way that the article was written meant that it could be easily withdrawn. The truth is, even if it was as easy tearing up Article 50, there is a lot of changes behind the scenes and simply tearing up Article 50 will not be enough to undo a lot of the issues that have arisen as part of the negotiations.

What Is The Future Of Rights For Immigrants After Brexit?

As things stand the future rights of immigrants in the post-Brexit UK is unclear. But if the negotiations in Brussels stay on the current track, then it appears that the UK will leave the Union without a deal on freedom of movement. If this ends up being the case, all citizens from abroad will no longer have rights to live in the UK.

Would Staying In The EU Be Better For Immigrants

As opposed to leaving with no transitional controls, staying in the EU would certainly seem better for the rights of citizens of EEA countries. As things stand they have freedom of movement to live and work in the UK and they would lose this right without transitional controls.

So How Likely Is A Second Referendum?

With negotiations at something of an impasse, who knows what the future holds. But a second referendum seems significantly more likely than ever due to the reticence of MP's to move forward with Brexit and a seeming change towards remaining in the public opinion polls.

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