Impact Of Brexit On Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Applications

Impact Of Brexit On Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Applications

While no one knows what the future may hold for the plight of immigrants to the UK there is a moment of rare opportunity now presenting itself for those who have thought about setting up in the UK. Britain's decision to withdraw from its more than 40-year membership of the European Union may or may not prove to be a mistake but it does offer entrepreneurs a choice go now or wait and see.

Uncertainty opportunity

Whilst no one necessary likes uncertainty it does mean that there may never be a better time than now to make your move and head to the UK to start your business. If your idea is on the crest of a wave then there is a big chance that the changes that are likely to hit the UK in the next few years may work in your favour.

Favourable visa conditions

After 2019 EU citizens are likely to need a visa to live and work in the UK, if this becomes the case then the Home office will have a huge task trying to stay on top of applications. You may be best advised to move now in order to avoid joining what is likely to be a huge queue of applicants looking to move. The future is also not guaranteed for the visa programme in its current state and that in itself means that now may be the perfect time to move as if it is changed in the future it is uncertain how those changes will affect would-be entrepreneurs.

The UK factor

The UK is an excellent place to do business and with the right advice and input, a good entrepreneurial idea can become an excellent business. The UK has excellent financial opportunities with the growing investment community looking for the right business to invest in. The great ideas will find a home in the UK and the growing seed funding community ensures that an excellent idea can get off of the ground. A secure and stable environment that is coupled with a strong business center means it is the perfect place for an entrepreneur to start their business. The current potential for uncertainty may mean that some miss the opportunity but for those with a keen eye, there is an opportunity in every corner.

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