Immigration detention and bail

Immigration detention and bail

If you are being detained by the government for an immigration matter, then you may be eligible for immigration bail. It doesn't matter where you are being held, you have the right to apply and will more likely to be given bail if you have a safe place to stay and at least one "surety". A "surety" is a person that will become liable to pay if you break the terms of your bail and takes care of you during the process. You may require our services during the case in which we can offer immigration bail guidance. The application process is difficult and you may benefit significantly from having qualified and experienced immigration specialists in your corner.

The process

The process of applying for immigration bail is where an application is made to the Chief immigration officer (CIO) or the immigration judge to release the detainee. Once the process begins there will be representations made to the CIO for the person to be released temporarily (known as temporary admission). If the request for a temporary admission is refused the process of applying for immigration bail is pursued instead. There will likely be a hearing where all matters of your case will be discussed and where your representations will be able to be made.

What can happen?

If granted bail you will be bound by the terms applied to it and failure to stick to the terms may end up with your "surety" paying the money that they agreed during the hearing or you being detained again. Many will ask how long can you stay in a detention center? In theory, the answer is indefinite, though this is down to many factors and will be influenced by the individual case. Bail surety is a huge issue and one that can hugely influence the likelihood of a potential release.

The UK has a significant population in its detention centers and many of those detained are from countries to which they cannot return, the process means that they are stateless and in a very difficult position looking forward. Though all is not lost, with quality advice in their corner, they can massively increase their chances of being successful. The world of immigration law is complex and by hiring specialists immigration lawyers to fight your corner, you are maximising your chances and potentially avoiding years in detention.

How our immigration solicitors can help

Being experts in the field of immigration law we can assist in your application for immigration bail. We can take care of the whole process. From completing IS98A forms to a full management of the case, we can be there to advise every step of the way to give you the best chance of being released on bail. So why not get in touch today to see what we can do for you?

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