If I Make A Mistake On My Application Would I Be Rejected?

If I Make A Mistake On My Application Would I Be Rejected?

One of the most common queries related to immigration visa applications is, "what can I do if I've made a mistake?" The answer, like most things related to immigration, is it depends.

The main option you have is to send a covering letter with your application. It is important that it is kept brief and to the point and addresses solely the mistake. It could be that the amendment could be viewed as dishonest and that you changed your mind after the event. It is important that you keep in mind that officials are looking for deception.

What can cause a rejection?

There are a few possibilities of why an application may be rejected. An error is certainly more likely to increase the chances of a rejection. Whilst there is a higher likelihood of rejection, if your case is strong then a cover letter may be perfectly sufficient to explain the error.

Other potential issues are:

  • Failure to document a criminal record - this will likely be viewed as an attempt at deception.
  • Having NHS debt - this is traceable, so it is important that all NHS bills are paid.
  • Previous over stayer - this is another important area as overstates are viewed badly if they don't have sufficiently good reasons for doing so.

How to avoid problems

One of the main ways is to practice the application first in a rough draft and then transfer it to the application itself. This way, you get a second chance to read through it ensuring that it matches what you are trying to say.

Using a solicitor - using a solicitor means that the application will be proofread to ensure that it stands up to the stringent criteria to which it will be assessed. It will also be written by trained professionals who will be well used to writing effective applications.

Meeting criteria - the most important aspect is to ensure that you match the eligibility criteria for your chosen visa route. This is one of the principal reasons for rejection and it's why using a solicitor can help save you problems, by advising you early on which is the best route for you to choose and to help you with your application. You must ensure that you completely fulfil the criteria laid out or you will highly likely be rejected.

How we can help

Our immigration lawyers can prepare and submit your application on your behalf ensuring that it has been completed without errors and contains all of the relevant information required to ensure it is processed as smoothly as possible. As you can see, it can be very hard to rectify mistakes after an application has been submitted, so why not let us take care of your application and ensure that it progresses smoothly.

So get in touch today and let us help with your visa application.

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