Britain's Home Secretary Calls for Report on Impact of Brexit.

Britain's Home Secretary Calls for Report on Impact of Brexit.


Britain's Home Secretary Amber Rudd has asked for a report to be produced on the impact of Brexit on Britain's labour market. The call comes after many opponents of the government's current lack of immigration clarity claim that the government was working with poorly cultivated data. The future of visa decision making could be severely impacted by the report as the data used is likely going to be the basis of decisions around the potential preferential system that many want EU citizens to receive.

The Migration Advisory Committee is the group that has been commissioned to produce the report and will start to gather evidence in the coming weeks. In a letter to the committee, the Home Secretary acknowledged the role of EU migration in the UK's referendum decision to leave the trading bloc. The use of immigration as a key battle ground during the referendum campaign and many of the key players in the "leave" camp were savaged for the use of incorrect statements and misleading information when it came to immigration.

Rudd has insisted that the government will take views from several areas including the report from the committee. The business community is one of the biggest stakeholders when it comes to immigration as skilled migration is a hot topic and isn't likely to go away anytime soon. Indeed the business community has been pushing the government for surety on the future of EU migration since the referendum result was announced. Then there is the question of future visa restrictions and how these will be reshaped by Brexit. The business community appears not to be having its fears allayed by the current civil war going on between senior cabinet ministers as Prime Minister Theresa May struggles to keep the reins of the Conservative party.

The grave fear of many is that major changes to the current system will make the UK less of an attractive proposition to talented migrants looking to move from their homelands to the UK. Brexit is highly likely to affect the UK's ability to attract these skills and will suffer economically if the course isn't set straight in the near future.

The future of the large number of EU migrants in the UK is also still to be resolved. The government has been under considerable pressure since day one to assure the future rights of these citizens but thus far the UK has been reticent to do so, mainly due to believing that the EU needs to guarantee that UK citizens based in the EU need the same assurances.

Whatever happens there needs to be some urgent clarity introduced to the system. Government infighting on immigration will only cause concern as economic prosperity is at stake. The current government turmoil isn't helping anyone and Theresa May needs to urgently rein in her senior staff before any more damage is done to an already frail system.

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