Entrepreneur Visa Extension - A Way Ahead To Initial Visa

Entrepreneur Visa Extension - A Way Ahead To Initial Visa

If you are planning to enter the United Kingdom specifically to pursue the business aspirations, then your entry to the country is subject to the grant of Entrepreneur visa. The Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa is business visa designed by the UK government for promoting business and allowing the Entrepreneur from across the globe to carry on their business in the UK. It is an invitation to all those who have a business idea that they would like to bring, develop and explore further in the UK. And once you have been granted the visa you can set a new business or take over the existing business in the UK.

Fulfil the requirement and get the Tier 1 entrepreneur visa.

To get the visa, the applicants have to meet the certain requirement set by the government of the UK and the Home Office. The provisions envisage that the applicant should have an excess of GBP 200,000, either through their fund or a third party. They are required to meet the financial maintenance requirements for themselves as well as for their dependents. They have also to comply with the requirements of the English language. And the most importantly they have to prove themselves to be a genuine entrepreneur. It means that they are required to show that they are genuinely interested in pursuing a viable business in the UK. The requirement is subjective, and the home office will consider the applicant's qualification, experience, and other required credentials to assess their genuineness. Our immigration lawyers will go through your situation in line with the requirements and advice you on your best approach.

Get an extension of the initial Entrepreneur visa.

And if applicants can fulfil the requirements, they will be granted with the initial visa for a tenure of three years. Entrepreneur visa extension is the process undertake to extend the visa that was initially issued for three years. And for that, the holder of the initial visa has to demonstrate that they fulfil the requirements attached to the extension of the visa and provide documents in support of their claim. The process is confusing, stressful and time taking, so it is always suggested to be advised by the best immigration lawyers to increase your chances securing your visa as well as the extension of the visa.

Requirements for Entrepreneur visa extension.

Now the question arises what are the requirements attached to the extension of the initial Entrepreneur Visa, and if we talk about the major requirements, there are only four such requirements. While providing an extension, the Home Office is interested in knowing whether the GBP 200,000 is invested in a new business or existing business, whether the new business of existing business has taken on the equivalent of adding two staff or not. Further, the applicant has registered or not as a director within six months of obtaining the initial visa. And whether the applicant is still registered as a director of a company in the United Kingdom or not. But in no way it should be taken that extension of the Entrepreneur Visa is subject to only four key factors, rather the Home Office may ask for other proves, depending on the situation.

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