Could You Fail The Spouse Visa Interview Even If You're Genuine?

Could You Fail The Spouse Visa Interview Even If You're Genuine?

One big concern for Spouse Visa applicants is what will happen if they are called for an interview. While not a mandatory part of the Spouse Visa application process, interviews are not uncommon. There may be a variety of reasons your application is selected for an interview, and it is important you understand the UK Visas and Immigration official is only looking to verify the genuine nature of the relationship. In this article, we are going to look at the Spouse Visa interview in a little more detail, and give you some practical advice should your application be selected.

Why Has My Application Been Selected For An Interview?

There are various reasons your application might be selected for an interview. The main issue is there is always an initial doubt over the validity of your application. By knowing this in advance, you can help to frame your answers accordingly. While it may feel like the UK Visas and Immigration official is trying to catch you out (in many ways they are), it is important you focus on providing truthful answers - any attempt to deceive is not going to be looked upon positively.

As long as you have all of the relevant information and can answer the questions honestly, there is little reason to be scared of the interview. We would suggest using our preparation service so that you can receive a list of answers to the questions which are likely to be asked. While we cannot predict every question, we can give you a list of answers to the main questions. This may seem somewhat worrying, but it is important for you to have the answers to hand in case you, understandably, freeze up in the interview. It is totally normal if this happens, as you will clearly be feeling under pressure. Having answers to hand will likely help to alleviate this.

What Questions Am I Going To Be Asked?

It's pretty hard for us to know exactly which questions are going to be asked, but we do have a lot of experience helping Spouse Visa applicants and can certainly assist you in getting prepared for an interview. The vast majority of questions are going to be based on probing for information key to understanding the nature of the relationship. The questions will also concentrate on the applicant's immigration history. Questions such as "Is this your first visa?" and "have you ever been refused a UK visa?" are there to assess if you have ever broken immigration rules in the past. Be aware; it is likely these officials have access to extensive records and will potentially already know the answer, therefore it is vital you answer all questions honestly.

Though there will be some questions about your immigration history, the vast majority will be focused on your relationship. As the Spouse Visa offers excellent benefits, it is a route used by many fraudsters as a way to enter the UK. For this reason, the rules and application processes have been tightened up. Be mindful of this - ensure that you have all of the information to hand to help prove the validity of your relationship.

Our Relationship Is Genuine, Are We Going To Be Rejected Anyway?

It is certainly possible that genuine Spouse Visa applicants may be rejected. The main reason for this is going to be if there is any doubt over the validity of the relationship. As previously noted, the Spouse Visa is a well-used route and immigration officials are looking to ensure applicants are eligible.

So, how can you ensure success?

Well, while a 100&#x g;uarantee of success is impossible, being prepared, can help you relax. Coming off natural and exuding confidence can help settle any worries the immigration official has.

Can I Get Help To Prepare?

Yes, you can.

While many people will be concerned about having ready prepared answers, some people are naturally quite nervous. By having some preparation, these more nervous individuals can have a set of answers (all of which are truthful) ready to hand, this can save you getting nervous looking for the information, which can increase scrutiny and convince immigration officials that you have something to hide.

The preparation work involves getting all of your information into one place, which can help to ensure you are not flustered and nervous when answering any of the questions. Having this information to hand and being prepared will help ensure you have all of the answers ready for almost any question that a UKVI official could throw at you. Being ready and relaxed will help to convince the immigration official your relationship is genuine, and therefore increase your chance of success.

Where Can I Get More Help?

If you need more help with your Spouse Visa application then please get in touch. Our range of services can be tailored to fit your specific needs, giving you the best possible chance of success. So, if you have a query or would like some advice, call today and our team of immigration lawyers will be more than happy to help.

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