How would I know if my application is Successful or Unsuccessful?

How would I know if my application is Successful or Unsuccessful?

One of the most common questions we are asked is: "how can I know that my visa application has been successful?" Well, the short answer is that the Home Office will write to confirm to you that your visa has been granted.

If you haven't heard anything and you are still within the processing time then you will need to wait until that has elapsed before trying to find out what is happening.

What if my visa application is unsuccessful?

Do not fear, many visa applications are turned down and you are in good company. It is at this stage that you may if you haven't already done so, consider some legal help. Immigration specialists such as ourselves are experts at helping those who have been turned down at the application stage to appeal. It is possible that you can successfully appeal using the help of an immigration solicitor who can look at your case and see if there's anything that has been missed.

Is it expensive to appeal?

All legal advice comes with a cost attached, this represents the quality and knowledge that is provided to help in your case and while it can be expensive to use our services, we believe that we provide excellent value to our clients in helping them to completely transform their lives in a new country.

We believe that our prices are very competitive in the industry and are happy to provide a complete breakdown of our costs so that you can compare our services against other in the industry.

Do I have a good chance of winning my appeal?

This will depend on your individual case, many cases are able to be successfully appealed and some will not. Past figures for successful appeals aren't really relevant to new cases due to the individuality of everyone's case. That being said, we will let you know in the early stages of our consultations if we believe that your case is strong enough to go to appeal and advise you of better options if they exist.

What are the alternatives to appeal?

On occasion, you may find that a different route altogether may actually be the better option. This is often the case where someone has a stronger case for an alternate route. Again this is something that we will cover with you in the early stages of our discussions with you. While appeals can work, they aren't the only option and are only a small part of the overall picture.

How we can help

As you can see, the use of immigration solicitors can help to make your case for entry to the UK. Whether it is an appeal you need or just the right advice to improve your prospects, our immigration specialists can give you the best advice to help maximise your chances of success at entering the UK to live and work. So to help with your visa issues get in touch today and see how we can help you.

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