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How to Check my Settled Status as an EU, EEA or Swiss Citizen in the UK

How to Check my Settled Status as an EU, EEA or Swiss Citizen in the UK

Applications under the EU Settlement Scheme officially closed on the 30th June 2021. The scheme enables EU and EEA nationals living in the UK before the end of 2020 to reside in the UK permanently and then apply for citizenship after a further year. Whether you have already applied and received a decision, you are still waiting for a decision, you may be unsure of your current status.

Here we will outline how to check your EU Settled Status, what to expect if you are waiting for a decision, what to do if you have been refused, and how you can prove your status to a prospective employer.

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How do I check my Settled Status Progress?

If you are an EU or EEA national living in the UK, it is essential that you know your current immigration status (i.e., whether you have Settled or Pre-Settled Status) and that of your family members, as recorded by the Home Office. The Home Office provide an online resource that allows you to verify your immigration status. If you are unsure if you have successfully received Settled Status, the Home Office provides a web page that allows you to check your immigration status here.

What do I need to check my immigration status in the UK?

To use the immigration status checking service, you will need:

  • details of the identity document that you used as part of your application (i.e., your passport or national identity card)
  • your date of birth, and;
  • the mobile number or email address that you used when you applied

How to check EU Settled Status for a child

Under the EU Settlement Scheme, children are given their own individual status (i.e., it is separate from the status of their parent/s). To check the EU Settled Status of your child, you can use the same service as used by adults – here. You will need to enter either the email address or phone number used for the child’s EU settlement application.

In order to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme, you must meet the following criteria;

• Be an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen

• You must have been in the UK before 31st of December 2020

• Meet continuous residence rules - lived in the UK for at least 6 months of any 12-month period in each of the last 5 years.

There is some flexibility in the continuous residence rules - get in touch if you are concerned about your eligibility.

In order to prove eligibility, you may be able to use the automated National Insurance check that is included in the application. If you cannot, you will need to prove your eligibility with documentary evidence as laid out in the guidelines.

What happens after you apply for settled status?

If you have applied for EU Settled Status (or Pre-Settled Status), the Home Office will send you an email with a letter confirming the outcome of your application. If you are successful, you will be granted settled or pre-settled status. Applications are processed typically within five working days. Where more information is required, it can take up to one month to receive a final decision. Your residence status in the UK will be stored electronically (i.e., online), hence you will not receive a physical document to prove your Settled or Pre-Settled status.

How long does Settled and Pre-settled status last?

If successful, how long your residence will last in the UK depends on the EU status you have been granted. If you received full EU Settled Status, you can remain in the UK indefinitely. You will need to ensure that you do not spend more than five years outside of the UK, however, as by doing so, you may lose your Settled status.

If you have Pre-Settled Status, you can stay in the UK for five years; this is to allow you sufficient time in the UK to gain Settled Status (you must have been living in the UK for five years to gain Settled Status). As such, you will need to ensure that you apply for Settled Status before your Pre-Settled Status expires.

Do I get an EU Settled Status card?

There is no physical EU Settled Status card. Your EU Pre-Settled Status or Settled Status will be held digitally online. The Home Office provides a way of sharing your immigration status with others, but you must give permission first (by providing a ‘share code’)

How do I get a share code for Pre-settled or Settled Status?

An online ‘share code’ allows those with Pre-Settled or Settled Status to prove their immigration status to others, including employers, landlords, and local authorities.

To get a ‘share code’, visit the Home Office’s immigration status checking webpage. We recommend keeping a record of your share code; however, it will only be valid for 30 days. After 30 days, a new share code will be needed.

You will need to enter either your passport details, national identity card, Biometric residence card or permit details to get your share code.

Read more: How to handle an EU Settlement Scheme Biometric Residence Card update & replacement in the UK

How can employers check my EU Settled Status?

Once you provide your share code to the organization or employer who needs to check your status, they will go to the ‘Check someone's immigration status’ page on the secure Home Office website. Once on the page, they will simply type in the shared code, press ‘continue’, and your status will be shown.

Settled Status Decision Problems or No Response

If you are having problems getting a final decision on your EU Settlement scheme application or if you have had no response, here are some steps you can take:

  1. Check your spam folder on your email – in many cases, application responses are automatically misplaced into the spam folder.
  2. Use the online EU Settled Status enquiry service provided by the Home Office – it can take up to five days to receive a response to your enquiry.
  3. Phone the EU Settlement Scheme Resolution Centre on 0300 123 7379 (+44 203 080 0010 from outside of the UK)
  4. Speak to an immigration lawyer in the UK who can check the status of your application on your behalf

If you have received a negative decision on your application, or you have not received the status you expected, speak to an immigration Solicitor who will be able to advise you. In most cases, you will be able to request an administrative review. An administrative review is advisable if it is clear that the Home Office has made a mistake in refusing your application. The other options available are to apply again or to formally appeal the decision.

How our EU Settlement Scheme Solicitors can help

If you are unsure about your rights and would like some advice, call us today to talk to our team about what your next step should be. Our team of specialist immigration solicitors are staying up to date with all of the current guidance and can help you to make the right decisions moving forward. So, if you need help, get in touch.

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Mumu Belal

This was my first time using Reiss Edwards and I had a great experience with the...

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Mohamed Mansour

Reiss Edwards provides professional services. The team is a world-class team wit...

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Absolutely amazing!! We were told our application wasn't possible with numerous ...

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