Best answers for Tier 1 Entrepreneur Interview Questions Part 3

Best answers for Tier 1 Entrepreneur Interview Questions Part 3

This is the third part of our series on the Best answers for Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa Interview questions. Having assisted with so many Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa applications as well as preparing our clients for interviews with the Home Office, our business immigration and Tier 1 experts are well placed to answer your questions and prepare you for a successful interview.

It is important to note also, that not all Tier 1 entrepreneur applications go through the interview process. Whilst it is not 100&#x i;f the Home Office will conduct interviews, we have noticed that same day applications coupled with well-detailed business plan in a niche or specialised area do not attract as much interview when compared to everyday business ideas going through the normal timeline.

This is not to say that same day service application does not attract interviews; if when assessing your same day application, the home office caseworker deems that they need more clarification from you or any other reason, they will always ask for an interview. Regardless of whether it is a same day application or not.

In our previous posts we grouped the Home Office interview questions into four broad categories, namely:-

  1. Background of the applicants - education and professional experience
  2. Business plan
  3. Investment
  4. Immigration history


Background of the applicants - education and professional experience


What is your current occupation?

This question is designed to ascertain if there is a link between your current occupation and the business you are looking to set up in the UK. It is always best where there is a direct link, if not, not please read hour previous post on how to deal with where your current job is not your Tier 1 entrepreneur business idea.

What is your position in the company?

This question is designed to access your management and leadership credentials. It is also designed to tell if whether or not you are a genuine entrepreneur. If you are an owner or director, questions may be raised as to why are leaving the company. It may also be a positive testament to your managerial abilities if the reason you are leaving is reasonable and accepted. If your role is not managerial, questions may be raised on what managerial experience you are relying upon to manage the UK company. Where you are not in a managerial position, you may want to append a suffix to you answer. A suffix linking the business idea to your key environmental influences, passion or other tangible points of reference you may have.

Business plan

Questions here bother on your knowledge of the business plan.

Questions and best answers

Who wrote the business plan?

Note that it is completely okay to have a professional business consultation assist in drafting your business plan. We have seen applicants claim to have written the business plan themselves when in fact they have instructed someone else. Probably thinking that the Home Office will penalise them if they had instructed someone else. It is perfectly fine. What is not okay, however, is not to be involved in the business plan at all.

The ideal scenario is, either you write the business plan yourself or get someone else to write the business plan for you, but be fully involved. Tell them about the business idea, ask them questions about setting up your business in the UK, ask them about tax, about employment, about the UK business environment; and in turn answer their questions on the intricacies of your idea.

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