Applying for a spouse visa when I don't have a full time job

I'm planning to marry a Saudi nationality he does have a very good job working with Cisco in Riyadh and he have lots of job opportunities as the demand for his position is so high but without work permit he can't apply for any jobs. I'm on other hand have seasonal jobs where i work according to my contract and sometimes will be without a job for couple of months then go back to work again i do not have a permanent job and i want my fiancé to be come live with me here I'm British citizen. Once he is in UK our plan is for me to go back to studying full time and he will be supporting me and i don't need to work. I really need an advice as we want to get married ASAP we have been together for 7 years now. Thank you for taking the time to read my message and i look forward to hearing from you Your sincerely.

Our Response

There are two options that are available to you given your situation: -

  • Fiancé visa; or
  • Spouse visa

You may consider the fiancé visa if you want to bring him here and then get married in the UK. The finance visa is normally issued for about 6 months.

The spouse visa immigration route on the other hand allows you to bring your spouse to join you in the UK. To apply for this route, you must have been married either during your partner's time under fiancé visa route or outside the UK.

Also there is the issue of financial requirements. Normally you, the sponsor, would have to show that you are earning at least £18,600. However from your enquiry, I can see that that may not be the case. The next option would be to rely on savings. Importantly, either of the parties can show savings - either the sponsor or the applicant. Savings must be at least £62,000 for the last 6 months prior to the application.

The best course of action in this case may be to rely on your partner's savings to cover for the gap in your income.

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Applying For A Spouse Visa When I Don't Have A Full Time Job (FAQ)

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