Permanent Residence Card and British Passport

I am Italian, [age withheld], [marital status withheld], and have been living in London for 10.5 years now. I want to get a British Passport, and I understand that the first step to do that is to obtain a Permanent Residence Card (PRC), which I can get by proving I have been here for 5 years. I am contacting you for advice on my PRC application and my question is that: I arrived in the UK in June 2006. I would like to apply for a PRC using the 5-years period June 2006 to June 2011, instead of using the last five years (2012-present). In fact, in these last five I would not qualify because I spent too many days abroad (above the limit required). So: can I apply for a PRC basing on my stay 2006-2011 ? (I believe I have all the evidence required: proof of work, proofs of address etc). I would love to hear from you and see how to bring this forward. I am immediately available to talk if you want. Thank you very much for your help.

Rightly said, in order to be eligible for a British passport, you must first of all apply for permanent residence in the UK. And in order to qualify for permanent residence you have to show that you have lived continuously in the UK for a period of 5 years and have exercised your treaty rights within that period. Treaty rights mean that you must have either been self-sufficient - had enough amount in your account as savings, such that you don't need assistance from the state - or you must have been working continuously throughout the five year period or you are self-employed.

The documentary evidence for each of the above - self sufficient, self employed and employed - are very much different. In your enquiry, you haven't mentioned wat kind of employment you are on. Our immigration solicitors can help you with the right document as well as guide you throughout the application process; showing you the best documentary evidence for each period you choose to rely on. As you rightly mentioned, you can rely on any 5 year period within the 10.5 year period.

At Reiss Edwards, we have a bundle package if you are making the permanent residence card and the British passport application at the same time.

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