Tier 2 Notice Period

Tier 2 Notice Period

A common issue for those on a Tier 2 visa looking to change jobs is the notice period required from their current employer. Unlike any other employed worker, Tier 2 staff rely on their employer to sustain their immigration status. When an employee wishes to leave the company and move to another employer they have a lot to take into consideration.

What Notice Period so I Need to Give My Current Employer?

Your notice period with your current employer should be defined in your employment contract. Presuming you were given one in the first place, if not you may want to get one as soon as possible. You want to be careful about asking about notice periods until you are certain that you want to leave your current employer. Though highly unethical, it is possible for an employer who is sponsoring you to cause you problems and you must bear this in mind.

There have been cases of employers causing problems and if you are having issues then please get in touch and let us guide you on your best way to proceed in your current predicament. We can help, so do not suffer in silence.

Do I need a new Biometric Residence Permit to start my new job?

Yes, you will need a new Biometric Residence Permit to start your new job. This means that in theory, you should sort out your immigration situation before handing in your notice with your current employer. This will likely lead to quite a long period of time before starting your new job but it is necessary to ensure that you keep within the requirements of your visa.

For any advice on gaining a new Biometric Residence Permit or any other immediate query get in touch with our immigration lawyers, we are experienced in immigration issues and are certain to be able to offer a solution to your current issues.

What if My Current Employer Finds Out? 

In theory, your employer should not prevent you from leaving. In practicality, they may be able to cause you some problems. It is best to not discuss leaving your current employer until all of your paperwork is done and a new visa granted for your new employment. This will reduce any potential issues.

If you are facing difficulties with your current employer then get in touch. We can help you with any immigration issues and advise you on what to do in this circumstance. Having the right advice can make all the difference so please get in touch.

Where can I go for more advice?

For more advice on Tier 2 visa applications or any other immigration query then get in touch with our immigration solicitors, we can help guide and advise you on a range of issues.

We have a wealth of experience in our team and we can help with any immigration-related issue.

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