What Is The Best Visa Route For Me To Enter The UK

What Is The Best Visa Route For Me To Enter The UK

Most citizens of both European Union (EU) countries and non-European Union (Non-EU) countries have the intension of entering the United Kingdom for reasons such as Education, Tourism & Visitations, Employment and many more. Entry into the United Kingdom is a lot easier than it seems. Your entry will depend solely on the reason for which you seek entry as there are various visa category that suites various visa needs. Some of such categories includes but are not limited to:

  1. Work Visas (Tier 1 General, Tier 1 Entrepreneur, Tier 2 ICT etc.)
  2. UK Student Visas (Tier 4 General Students, Tier 4 Child Students)
  3. UK Visitors Visas
  4. Others - Click to find out more

The most important criterion is to have the intention to enter, after which meeting other requirements specified by the terms of each visa type would follow. Criteria usually required in most categories would be your financial capability to take care of or maintain yourself while in the United Kingdom.

If you seek to enter the United Kingdom with your dependants (spouse, parents or children), it depends also on the purpose of your entry. But as in most other visa applications, you will be required to meet with the visa requirements as stipulated in the Immigration Rules. Please note that amongst other things, you will be required to show that you have the financial capability to cater for the needs (maintenance) and accommodation of your dependants without depending on public funds. Some additional documents would be required to be provided in each case.

It is important to be informed that in some visa categories you might be required to provide some medical reports so as to know your health state before entry. However, not every applicant is subject to this condition as it depends sometimes on your country of origin.

Bear in mind that the Government reserves the right to grant you entry if you fully satisfy all the requirements and also possess the right to refuse you entry if they find you to be wanting in some requirements or you are seen to pose a threat to the citizens of the United Kingdom on your entry.

You might be permitted to apply for permanent residence in the United Kingdom if you have resided in the country for some period of time known as the qualifying period. However, this does not apply to all visa categories. If you are qualified for this, you can apply before the expiry of the current visa that you hold. Note that you will be required to provide some documents that would back your application.

Before you make your application, it is wise that you seek professional immigration help in order to ensure that you make the right application you need while also ensuring that your qualifying documents as well as all other relevant information are available to you.

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