FAQ's for a UK Visit, Child Dependent, Unmarried partner and Spouse Visa's

The general requirement for all Visit Visa applications is that sufficient proof of the applicant’s ability to finance their trip to the UK and the ability to return to their home country must be provided. Applicants will need to provide proof of their living arrangements, employment/self-employment and level of funds they have available for their trip to the UK. If the applicant intends to visit someone in the UK then evidence of their status in the UK and the ability to maintain them will need to be provided in addition to the above. It is essential to note that each applicant’s circumstances are different therefore, the type of documents required for each applicant will differ.

Unless serious issues were raised, a refusal is unlikely to affect subsequent applications. It is however, advisable to note the major reason/s why the application was refused, alongside any missing documents and ensure that these are provided in any subsequent applications.

The general guidance do not dictate where the source of funds should come from however, it is advisable to ensure that applicant provides evidence of savings and/employment to alongside other compulsory documents to ensure the application's success.

Applicants are allowed to study for up to 30 days in the UK whilst on a Visit Visa as long as this is not the main purpose of the applicant's visit.

Applicants are only permitted to be present in the UK for no more than 6 months in a given 12 month period therefore, even though a 5 year visa is granted, this does not permit the applicant to reside in the UK continuously.

A Visit Visa can only be extended in exceptional circumstances. Concrete evidence will need to be provided to support the application for further leave and will be at the discretion of the Home Office on whether or not leave should be granted.

Applicants wishing to bring dependent children from outside the UK will need to ensure they have adequate means to maintain and accommodate that child. Sponsors will need to earn a sufficient salary and have enough room at their current place of residence of where the child is proposed to live. Sponsors will also need to establish that they have sole responsibility for the child and show proof that they have been looking after the child in the country he/she lives in.

There is no financial requirement for child dependent applications however, the parent will need to ensure they have sufficient money to look after the child and themselves in the UK without recourse to public funds.

The parent who intends to bring the child to the UK will need to have sole control over the child's wellbeing and will need to show proof that they child is fully dependent on them. Evidence to prove this can include a custody order (or equivalent) or sufficient proof the parent has been maintaining the child emotionally and financially.

The financial requirement refers to the level of income a sponsor needs to earn in order to bring a dependent from abroad. The level of income to be earned depends on the number of dependent’s applying and starts with a minimum of £18,600. If applying with more than one dependent, the following applies: 2 dependent - £22,400 3 dependents - £24,800 4 dependents - £27,200 Any additional dependents will add an additional £2400 on the minimum amount to be earned.

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