FAQ's for Unmarried partner and Spouse Visa

In the event a couple has children together or are able to show sufficient proof that they are in a genuine and subsisting relationship then this may acceptable however, this is only accepted in extenuating circumstances where the Entry Clearance Officer is satisfied with the reasons why the couple are unable to live together.

Sponsor's who earn different amounts each month may still meet the financial requirement as their income is calculated at a variable rate. It is essential they gather all relevant payslips over the 12 month period and ensure that their gross average wage is above the minimum financial requirement.

Self-employed partners who wish to bring their spouse's to the UK need to ensure that they earn at least £18,600 in the last tax year in order to meet the requirement. In the event this is not earned, an average of the last 2 tax years can be used provided the average of both years exceeds £18,600.

All applicants under the age of 65 need to complete an approved English language test. There are some exceptions where the applicant may have a disability in which case, evidence of this can be submitted instead. It is advisable to note that this at the discretion of the Entry Clearance Officer.

Not all countries are classed as the majority of English speaking countries and South Africa is one of them. Provided the applicant has proof of their degree taught in English, preferably the original degree certificate, then this can be used to meet the English language requirement.

Provided no serious issues were raised, then this is unlikely to affect subsequent applications. It is advisable to ensure that the refusal letter is properly reviewed and all concerns are addressed in new applications and missing documents are included.

UK visa’s and immigration can be contacted by phone through a chargeable number and free via email in order to check the progress on an application.

The IHS surcharge needs to be paid by all applicants who wish to enter the UK for more than 6 months. This was introduced to ensure that those coming to the UK make an appropriate contribution to the cost of the health care services which they may use during their stay in the UK. The current charge is £200 per year per applicant and will need to be paid prior to the submission of any application.

Visa application fees are non-refundable however, the HIS surcharge is usually refunded within 90 days automatically.

Some countries offer priority processing for settlement visas for an additional fee. This fee is payable at the time of submission and is between £400 - £500 extra. It is advisable to only use this service if the applicant has no adverse immigration history. The applicant usually receives a decision within 2 – 3 weeks however, UK Visas and Immigration reserve the right to take longer in the event further checks need to be made.

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