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UK Visa applications FAQs

Hi, i would like to get help in applying for residence and nationality, for me and my son as we have lived in this Country for 18 years. Please let me know your fees.

Application for permanent residence will normally depend on you living in the country for at least 5 years as well as what you have been doing within those 5 years. Importantly, any 5 year period (if you have lived in the UK for a longer period of time) can serve as the qualifying period. The qualifying period refers to the period where you were either working, self-employed or a student. This is what is referred to as exercising treaty tights. Please note that this only applies to EEA nationals. For non-EEA nationals, to be qualified for indefinite leave to remain, you must have stayed in the country under one visa category (apart from the student visa) for up to 5 years.

If you are looking to combine periods, you will have to have been in the country for 10 years. In order words, if you are using just one visa route, for instance a Tier 1 entrepreneur for example, you should have been in that category for at least 5 years. Whereas if for any reason, you are not able to complete 5 years in one route and was able to switch, you will have to wait till you have completed 10 years in the country to be able to apply for indefinite leave to remain.

Note also, that the10 year period has to be lawful and continuous.

I have lived and worked in the UK for 20 years. My son was born in the UK on 19/12/1998. His father, British Citizen and I, German Citizen were not married. Thus my son has German citizenship . He would like to assume British citizenship now. He has no British Passport. We have always lived in the UK. He has been educated here and is still in education. He aqcuired a NI, when he worked during school holidays. He has no criminal record. What form do we have to fill in MN1, or UKF? I dont have detail of all trips abroad we have done over 17 years. How do I fill the gaps? Is it crucial to list all absence from the UK in the past 17 years, or just proof that he has not been outside of the country for more than 450 days in the past 5 years? I am seeking the support from an established Immigration Law firm to ensure his application for British Citizenship is successful. Many Thanks.

hi I would just like a small bit of advice please, my partner is being accused of sex offences if he is charged would that mean an automatic deportation, as I read that if an immigrant has to sign the sex offences register they will not receive early removal until the sentence is finished, I'm not sure on how much of that is true as to why I'm seeking advice. look forward to hearing from you soon thank you

p> I hope this finds you well. I am looking to speak with someone who can advise me on my husbands Visa appeal. He is currently in Australia and I am in London. This is the second time his Visa has been declined in spite of already paying several Immigration consultancy firms in the UK and Australia who assured us we met the criteria. we met in London, married in 2011, he successfully gained a spouse visa and we lived in London until Sept 2014 when we both moved to Aus. I stayed until April 2015 and had to return home for family reasons, I stayed in London and worked for 6 months, I then returned to Aus to be with [name removed] in October 2015. I worked for 6 months on a fixed term contract for [name removed], earning well over the threshold. [name removed] applied for his Visa to come back to the UK, which was declined on grounds that I did not have a job at that point in the UK. I then came back to London in May 2016 on my own to apply for a job so that [name removed] could reapply. I got a fixed term contract for three months, while I looked for something permanent. All of the consultants we spoke with and legal experts who were happy to take our money, advised this was sufficient and that we would have no problems with all of the supporting information we had. The issue we are having is with regards to my employment, They have sent a horribly confusing letter with the reasons for the decline, although I would not consider myself or my husband to be of particularly low intelligence we just can't understand what we are missing. I am uneasy about speaking to an immigration specialist but if you could give me any assurance that you may be able to help us I would really like a short appointment with a lawyer or whoever may help in this sort of situation.

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