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uk immigration lawyers

Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence success

We were instructed to assist with a Tier 2 (General) sponsor licence as you have identified a prospective employee for a skilled role. The prospective employee is currently on Tier 2 (General) Leave to Remain and is sponsored by another employer.

At present the company does not hold a Sponsor Licence you would now like to sponsor (employ) the a migrant worker.

Our help

We provided evidence to show that the business is a genuine one and is trading in the UK.

Generally, there are various ways in proving this, but there are specified documents needed depending on whether you are a new business or have been operational for some time.

There will be an online application form that will need to be submitted which we can assist with. Within five working days of submitting the form, you will be expected to send the Home Office your original documentation and additional information justifying the company's Sponsor Licence Application.

We assisted with the process of this application and the application was successful.

Contact us today for a free assessment if you are looking for a professional business immigration lawyer to assist you with your application. We go beyond merely advising on how to apply to covering all areas of business immigration.

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